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Has Something Changed on Etsy?

I swear to you that their must have been some type of format change on Google or Etsy or in the way we're found. Especially with vintage. I have always enjoyed daily sales. Especially around this time when Fall starts to hit. It just is not happening. Yes, I do promote quite a bit. I keep on wondering if there's something that's putting people off that has to do with my shop or some type of change I'm not aware of. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks! (my views are about the same as this time last year but I'm down at least $500 from this time last year.) What Gives!????

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My September sales have been abysmal. HUGE dropoff from August, which was a great month. I also have decent views but the sales are really lacking. I'm not sure what's going on either. It's confusing, because the views are there, so customers are still getting to our shops - why aren't they buying? Would love to hear more input from vintage sellers.
Me too! I have pretty good views, but just not a sale on this month. I really wonder what's going on and even start to doubt if it is about the price or item itself.. Very discouraging month I may say...
I'm not getting views at all... it's like I post items and they disappear into a void. I'm still learning to learn to work with the new "phrases in tags" approach.
I feel you!! I thought it was just me, I struggle lately to get 5 views. I am just dumbfounded....
any other vintage sellers with ideas? would love to hear ;-)
Im in the same boat..I sell vintage, antique items along with jewelry..Ive noticed a dramatic drop of views and sales within the last 3 months..Ive addressed this issue before and frankly really dont expect any formadable answers..Etsy is moving in a crafts, handmade least to me..Antique and vintage(1920-50's)seems somewhat passe' to the current viewers..Good luck to you and lets hope there is a turn around soon..
I am wondering why you think there could be a difference in how you are found if your views are the same? That sounds like it is more an issue of not converting visitors into sales. That might be the new listing format, which is about 6 weeks old, or something else.

My jewellery shop is on pace for a normal month; September is always erratic for me, & October will be lower sales.
Cindy, I'm just wondering why my views are not converting to sales (they normally do). That's why i feel like something else must be putting people off. I just don't know what???? October is usually awesome.
I really don't depend on listing things and then getting views. I pretty much go out and get them with my promoting. Hopefully the right kind of promoting ;-| Normally between 300-500 a day. I'm just assuming people are buying somewhere else (or not at all). Or something has put people of. I just don't know.
I don't sell vintage. But this is the worst September Ive had in years Less than half of where I was last September. This is also when things should be picking up for me and I'm dead.
Oh, dear. I was hoping cooler temps would bring some interest in hand-knit items.
Denise, they are for other sellers. Not me.
etsy is fooling around with search and tech and giving us sellers fluffy rose colored answers,the truth is they have directed search to other brands outside of etsy and to hell with us sellers on etsy.horrible drop off since april,july 1 sale,this time last year 258 views and 2 sales in one day,today is 36 views and no sales,wasting time here,looking for a better venue,etsy has crashed like ebay.
How is search being directed to items off of etsy.
things in vintage are really selling well on ebay,not etsy.

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