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More Photos?

As a newbe from Ebay I would like to know if it is possible to get more then 4 photos in a listing. I'm willing to pay for them. Some items I sell require more then 4 views. Any suggestions?

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Most items don't need more than 4 angles, if you take good photos. You can use an image hosting service and add URLs to your item description listing if you need more.
What kateblack suggests is what I've done in two cases. I have a photobucket account and throw the images up there, then put the URL into my listing with instructions to copy and paste it into a new browser.

I've only really needed to do that on my jewelry sets so far -- and I'm an eBay transplant, too, and used to put 12 pictures in some of my listings!
you can also "cheat" and collage more than one photo together in the same image file. I'm finding this helpful when creating my listings for clothing/accessories. (main product shot, fabric closeup, details, female model shot, male model shot, color options)
dyno... it's february! (you can thank me for stating the obvious) so we get to see your shop pretty soon, don't we!?!

Gracias! I'm trying the photo collage thing right now. You guys are great and fast too.
minxycherub... :D dangit, I was hoping you wouldn't notice that. ;) actually, that's very sweet of you to mention. I have been working mondo hours at my day job (can you call it a day job when you have to work evenings?), which has made it nearly impossible to get any sewing done. I am working like mad today to finish sewing and photographing so I can hopefully be up on Friday. :) will def let you know.
oh please, dyno... the real problem is you've been talking on the forums all this time! lol
Paperplay, just saw your 1st listing.

Great job with the photos. They look amazing.

The photo collage works really well for you.
Hi there: I am a ebay transplant too! I love this site, and there are such talented people listing here.. just need to convince my family I need a NEW digital camera.. so I can list more detailed pieces! as I am now very jealous of all your great photos!


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