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Does making Treasuries bring you more sales?

I have been told a few times...that making a Treasury a day..will bring more sales and many of you say this is true...?

I tried for a few days a while back...but did not make any difference to just wondering whether to give it another go...but would like to find other sellers opinions it market research...:)

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Maybe views. I haven't seen much in the way of sales from it. There are probably more efficient ways of marketing.
I've never received a sale from a Treasury I've made, though I've gotten a couple from Treasuries my items were in.

It takes me at least an hour to make a Treasury and I only do so when I'm inspired. While I do favorite each Treasury I'm in and leave a comment, I almost never look at the shop of the curator. Not sure how making Treasuries could help your sales. Has anyone explained why this would be?
If it's a really nice Treasury (and I'm procrastinating...), I'll look at the curator. I'll also look at the curator if it's my item that was put into a Treasury.
It had not occurred to me before to look at a curator's shop. I'm usually busy clicking on all the pretties the curator assembled. :)
Views - yes, sales - no!
I agree with Draco -- I noticed more views, but not really sales. But I did also notice that the process of making a nice cohesive Treasury does help you think more about what you should be doing to your own photos and what kinds of tags people might use when searching for items to put in a Treasury.
Lots of views and hearts and the occasional sale. The thing that brings more sales is great tags and listing new items on a regular basis.
If a treasury that you are featured in happens to make it to the Front Page then you have a good chance at making a sale. Making treasuries doesn't really improve your chance of a sale all that much. It does however give you the opportunity to get to know people all over the world, and you will usually get some people favorite your shop/items along the way.
Yes front page does bring in sales, I sell well when I am on one. I have just forgotten what it feels like it been so long I was featured on the front page.
Can you put one of your own items in a treasury?
you can. it is suggested that you feature others, but there isn't a rule against adding your own items. in fact you can make a treasury of all your own items if you wanted.

Oh wow. I didn't know that.
i have never made a treasury. i love looking at them and being in them, but i have never wanted to make any. i think i am doing fine without making them.
i think you're right, there. i used to make tons of treasuries. and was on the front page quite a few times. i started selling more when i quit doing that and concentrated on adding to and improving my shop (not this shop).
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