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What Does This Mean? (Shipping Time 2 Days?)

The following quote is FROM:
Regarding: How do I use Etsy’s Review System? What happened to Feedback?

This is at the bottom of the page:

"The estimated delivery date is the purchase date + processing time + shipping days".
"Shipping days is the number of days it takes the order to ship to a buyer. Etsy gives sellers 2 business days for domestic shipments within any country and 10 business days for international shipments".

So what does it mean above, where it says: "Etsy GIVES sellers 2 business days for domestic shipments"?

Maybe I don't get this at all, but does this say I have 2 days for delivery? Am I missing the point here?


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That means that the item will be dispatched within two days, not that it will arrive in two days.

Edited to add....

Sorry, I may have misunderstood... Are you trying to figure out when the order will be open for review?
Thank you. That's what I was hoping it meant.
I have to disagree, why would it take longer to dispatch an order for an international buyer. I think it mean what the OP said, Etsy is giving the seller 2 days for delivery. Maybe they should discuss that with the USPS.
yes, Lisa, I specifically asked for clarification because I was not clear what the person was asking, I initially thought they were asking about processing time.
well, actually the way I read it is, it is adding your processing time, whatever you say that is in your listings, to the amount of shipping days which they are saying is 2 days for a domestic item to get to its destination. I think 2 days is pretty unreasonable, but it was a lot longer before and people didn't like it. So I guess they shortened it.
Processing time is how long before package will be dispatched, The item is open for review two days later if it is domestic, but shipping can take up to 5 days. Etsy did this because people were upset that they could not leave feedback right away.
Yes, I misunderstood the question the first time I read it, as I said, I thought they were asking about processing time... stupid speed reading. LOL...I clearly have not perfected that.

Wow-good question. Hope someone can shed some light on this.
I think you're missing the point, which is to not allow a buyer to leave feedback without having had time to actually receive the item. So Etsy is calculating, based on what you have said your processing time is, plus 2 business days for domestic shipping to get to it's destination, before the buyer can leave feedback.
Etsy uses 2 days as a guideline for how long it MAY take for domestic shipments to arrive. So the buyer has to wait the processing time plus 2 days to leave a review because it would be impossible for them to have the item before then. It doesn't mean you must get items to buyers in 2 days.
Yes, this. They are just allowing two days to pass after the item is shipped for the review to open up. Some shipments take longer, some are quick. It depends where you are shipping to. It does not mean the item must be deliverered in that time frame. Etsy is trying to prevent reviews before the item is received, but a lot of people were getting items before the review opened so they made
The wait time shorter.
I think Eileen is correct here. I recently purchased something here, it arrived last week, but I wasn't allowed to leave a review until today. The date was listed on the item on my feedback page.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:08 pm Nov 19, 2013 EST
This is sort of a tangent, but I've been thinking about this recently. Wouldn't it make more sense for Etsy to open the review system earlier if you marked the item as shipped before your standard lead time. Say you have a 2-3 week lead time and you ship within one week because for whatever reason you were awesome that week. Then the buyer has to wait an additional 2 weeks plus 2 days before they can leave feedback. Doesn't make any sense to try and get the customer their item early in this scenario.
I also think it would be awesome if they somehow could link it to when you mark it shipped (or after the time they calculate) if I do a run of shirts I print everything that needs to be printed in that screen in the color ordered.
They do open the window earlier, the 2 days starts when it's marked shipped or your processing time, whichever is earlier.
What??? Over night express? Priority takes more than two days. They usually say 3-4 days. So are they saying 2 days from the time you marked shipped?
It only affects the buyer's ability to leave a review, not that you have to get items to the buyer in 2 days.
International shipping takes longer too, this is just when the order is open for review, They should probably call it something other than "estimated delivery date"

I've been trying to answer.

The page is about the new Review System.

Take a look at the page.
Read the paragraph carefully, along with the preceeding two paragraphs

I don't know WHAT this means.

I cant figger out what it means relative to the Review System.
I certanly cant figger out what it means relative to ALL the different shipping times at USPS / UPS / FEDEX.
I figger I must be miss really dense today, cause I just dont have any idea, & it's more than a bit worrysome.

This seems to be saying a seller has two days to get the package to the CUSTOMER!
(Is it NOT!)
That is when it is open for review. It was longer and people complained about that too. It may be better if they just called it something else, I think most know it rarely takes two days for something to be delivered. I do think it can cause confusion though, so it would be better to call it something else.
Yes, it certainly looks as though the wording could do with an overhaul, to make it easier to understand and less confusing to some.

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