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GIMP users?

Good morning, my little potatoes!

I decided to live dangerously and installed The GIMP today. Does anyone out there use it and can you give me your opinions? My background is primarily PhotoShop and Illustrator and I've heard GIMP is similar.

And free - that's the nice part.

Tips? Tricks? Cool plugins?

Tx ok bye!

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:52am Jun 22, 2006 EDT
Me! Love it!
Love it, or love LOVE it?

I use it and I like it. I haven't really used Photoshop before, but I have found you can figure out GIMP by reading Photoshop tutorials (I am a complete novice at both).

My only issue with it is that it takes ages to load.
I LOVE it.

mainly because it IS free.
whatever photoshop can do that i need to do, seems to be available in this program.

and it's FREEEEEE.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:15am Jun 22, 2006 EDT
There's a plug in you can get that makes the Gimp "look like" Photoshop - so it's easier to use if you're familiar with PS. It's called Gimp Shop & you can get it here:

Gimp does take a little while to load, but the main cause is your fonts. I have something like 1000 fonts, so it take a long while to load - like 2-3 minutes.
Ooo, Sugarlumps, thank you so much for that plugin - I'm going to try it out right now!

I've been playing around with GIMP for about fifteen minutes and it seems to have most of what I want - my downfall is that after years of PS use I have all the keyboard shortcuts in muscle memory.
I use the gimp, but have not figured out a good way to use the sharpen feature. For example, many times I find the edges of my stones to be too blurry and would like to sharpen these edges up. If anyone has some suggestions for me, I am all ears! I have tried using other programs with less success than the gimp, but I know this capacity ought to be in just one program. Maybe I am using the wrong gimp tool to make this type of adjustment?

I use GIMP, but I'd rather be using Photoshop (if only I could afford it). GIMP is okay, but I find it's not quite as intuitive as Photoshop. The plugin that Sugarlumps listed definitely helps, and if you search Google there are some great tutorials out there. I just can never quite get things to look as nice as I could in Photoshop. :(

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