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How many sales after your first 2 months?

We are about to be two months old on Jan 9th and just hit 52 sales! I am so proud of our little shop, though it is a work in progress =]]]]

What were your first 2 months like?

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I think I had like 5 or 6 sales after my first 2 months? I don't remember...
But 52 is awesome, congrats! You must be doing something right!
Thank you! I think its a good solid number, almost one per day! Love your art btw=]
I'd love to get to one per day, or even a few per week. That is my ultimate goal. A somewhat steady flow of sales.
Any tips you'd like to share? hehehe. :]
it seems like you are doing a great job! i think artwork is different than vintage because once you get a following, it will probably snowball. I guess the one thing I'm working on right now is making the beginning of my title what the buyer would search. For example they might search "Macabre Art" or "Trippy Poster", etc when trying to find art like yours! Maybe try naming each piece of art, too?
Thats a good idea, thanks. :]
12 and its been almost 2 months. I don't think thats too bad but I definitely want more!
Your shop is awesome! Such beautiful items and you have stocked it so well. One trick that really helped for me to get more views is to use one-word tags. For example, if I sell a leather purse, it is important to use tags like "leather bag" but also to use "bag" and "purse" and "brown" "leather" by themselves in the tags. That was if someone searches "Vintage Leather Purse Brown" it appears!
I'm really trying to work towards 150 items in my shop, but listing takes so long! haha
Thanks! 150 listings has been tough, now I have to wait to sell more before buying new supplies ;)
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:51 pm Jan 4, 2014 EST
We opened day before you and are stuck on 2...hoping 2014 brings more our way.

Congratulations on your wonderful and inspiring success!!!
That's Fantastic!!, It took me a couple months to get that 1st sale!
Wow! I don't know if I would held out that long... haha. Congrats on 1400 btw!! At what point did you go from sales here and there to a full-scale production?
After 2 months I had only 1 sale! But I'm doing fine now....
3 sales! :) I didn't know what to expect, so even 3 is something to be happy about! :)
i think i had around 75 after a couple of months. one day i had 29 sales in one day during month 2.
Dannnng! About one month in we sold 8 items in a day and I just started crying, hahahaha! 29.... I might have a heart attack
it was incredible. it was back in the day when the search default was recently instead of relevancy. i kept listing and people kept buying! it was my best day ever!
I had 1 sale so far, my first one. You're doing really great, rock it! Congrats!!!
Just had my first sale after one month of starting - it was on 1st January. I hope that will be a good year. Love your vintage items! Pretty unique! I'm selling vintage too - what do you think about my items, prices are high or reasonable? I'm from Poland and here market is different. Will be so nice to hear your opinions, thank you!
I really love your photography- so crisp and clear =] I would say adding more inventory really helped me. Also, tweet! Share your story. I always have the best luck with paper items (posters, etc), anything solid metal, and glass (which I hate shipping lol). I think your prices are reasonable. =]
Thank you very much for your opinion! :) I really appreciate it! I'm adding new items every day I hope it will get better soon - as I want to make it my full time job! :)
Me, too! Someday hehe

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