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Surely these aren't handmade?

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:59am Jan 22, 2014 EST
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i don't have any answer for you but I am totally with you!!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:02am Jan 22, 2014 EST
While they may not be handmade, contacting Etsy is your best route, not calling out a seller on the forums, whether they are doing wrong or not. If your worried about it, flag it and move on.
I agree with you Elizabeth, not cool at all. I just favorite their shop. They have adorable products!!! I will make a purchase soon, in case etsy shut down their shop! LOL
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:10am Jan 22, 2014 EST
@Vanilda, I hear ya! lol
Interesting, that anyone would actually want to support factory made work on Etsy...huh....
Huh, indeed...
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Well I guess it balances out cause I buy pillows at target that are made in China so I guess I have no reason to purchase any here.
Cherie Elksong, Your earrings are amazing! Favorited a bunch!
Sure, she shouldn't call them out on the forums, but talking about purchasing from them when they are literally what is squashing folks like us? That's a little absurd.
@R Smalley.....please say it ain't so!
Vote with your dollars Vanilda, if you want Etsy to push these types of products over yours, by all means, buy away.
I totally agree khatovar - so insulting to say you just favorited their shop.
Eta..brilliant reply Carrie!
I don't think there's any way to truly fight it, but I do admire all of you who push back.
Agree with Khatovar and Carrie!
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:01pm Jan 22, 2014 EST
It's ok to think the items are cute, I think they are. Would I buy them here on Etsy? Probably not, but I would buy them elsewhere :)
Wow....without words here..Valinda, .....just wow..
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**pops popcorn**
Samsung Shoes is fit for all Micro USB Data Port , including all of the Smart Phone of Samsung , HTC, Nokia, Sony, Moto, MIUI , Huawei , Lenovo,etc

Gee, maybe Samsung manufacturers their handmade iPhone hookup!
FUNNY! I was in Hong Kong in mid december and I bought 2 of the exact same items in the Hong Kong night market for Christmas stocking stuffers for my 2 nieces. 2 of the exact same items she is selling. ALSO about 6 other vendors were selling the ~same~ exact items in market
I love shopping in Hong Kong, I love my business trips to China but I come to etsy for handmade items
Wow..and they are open for almost a year...sad...
you're not competing with them. you're shop offers something entirely different.
and your point is? Are you suggesting that she just ignore it??
IDK...I think the general integrity of all of etsy and all etsy sellers comes into question when this kind of thing is allow.

Sure they may not be direct competition, but they hurt the feng shui of the whole place.
I didn't suggest that at all.

My point was that shops like that are not competition. Even when they do sell something similar, people come here for handmade.

I didn't even address the issue of a shop selling something that is likely against Etsy's policies. When I run across shops like that I report them to Etsy. I don't agree with their presence at all. I never said that.

Yes ,they are competition to all of us. They are flooding this marketplace and you can't find really handmade items in the search.
Plus, they are discouraging buyers who want truly handmade because now a buyer has the extra burden of researching a shop before purchasing. In the early years that wasn't necessary as a buyer could rely on the integrity of the shops and that they were selling truly handmade.
I wasn't saying they should be here on Etsy or that it should be ignored. (not sure where that impression came from. perhaps I need more coffee in me ;)

What I mean is (hopefully it makes sense this time)...

If you make dresses, someone selling iphone stands (even if they shouldn't be here) is not directly in competition with you. No one comes here looking for a dress and buys a stand.
and if someone comes here looking for a handmade dress they will pass over the obviously manufactured items and purchase from a seller than clearly makes them by hand. That has value.

So just report it and go back to making your beautiful handmade products knowing they have value beyond that of cookie cutter manufactured items.
Mute point ...etsy is being run over by resellers and it will hurt all of us in the end. Just another ebay down the road without the auctions.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:44am Jan 22, 2014 EST
It is hurting us - they have a front page spot on Etsy today. I would have liked to have been there, wouldn't you?
noooo - front page? I can see why you're irritated!
*That* is my point. Even if I were selling on ebay, people selling manufactured items are not my competition I make handmade dolls. Other creators of handmade dolls are my competition. Someone selling vintage dolls or plasticdolls is not. Certainly someone selling car parts (or plastic iphone stands) isn't my competition.

I don't agree with Etsy resellers but I don't see them as competition
honestly I don't care about the front page. I never look at it and never expect to be there.
also, I didn't post to debate. Perhaps I was to hasty and should have explained but my intent was to encourage the original poster to let go of worry. Her shop is lovely.

I wasn't even addressing the issue of resellers and I still haven't figured out where people got the impression I was.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:50am Jan 22, 2014 EST
Buyers look at the front page.
Sure they do!

For me, any effort I put into worrying about the front page is wasted effort. I've never been featured and don't expect to be.

If it's your goal, great! I wish you success with that.
I noticed the front page as well. (Earlier, it's not up now.) It didn't occur to me at first glance that it was likely not handmade, though. In looking at the SHOP, yeah, unfortunately that does seem to be the case... But yes, buyers look at the front page, and it is supposed to be a good representation of Etsy as a whole.. - Cap'n
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:03am Jan 22, 2014 EST
Lol, it's not my goal although items in my other shop have been and yes, it's a huge sale boost. My goal is to have buyers come to Etsy and see talent and not be bogged down by a bunch of commercial stuff. They shouldn't have to dig and scroll like they are in a bargain bin at a retail store. Buyers are going to get irritated by all the sifting and move to a different site. I'd like them here.
I believe your beautiful products have the power to keep them here. There are amazing handmade sellers here. You are one of them. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:11am Jan 22, 2014 EST
Thank you, that's very sweet. I am trying to raise two children off of my sales here on etsy and locally, so I'm also going to be an advocate of keeping it pure:) I guess everything gets tainted eventually, it's just the way of the world now. (facebook being a similar example, box stores, etc)
Regarding the "not our competition" philosophy; I agree with that to some extent, however, for it to really count for something, one has to assume that every person shopping on Etsy can tell the difference between handmade & mass-produced and/or resell items. The resellers are getting craftier at disguising as "handmade" and many customer's will take them at their word & never see "our" work.
If people are truly coming here for handmade, this shop wouldn't have 3500 sales in a year. Just wanted to get my 2 cents in before this thread gets shut down.
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They might start out looking for handmade, but when they get here they
buy what's on the first 3-5 pages.
It will be in all categories soon.
Well said Jennifer.
I agree, some may come here looking for handmade and see something cute and cheap to buy .... It probably isn't why they came to Etsy, but they likely don't care that it's not handmade because its cute and cheap.

The point is resellers are a distraction and they undermine handmade sellers by directing buyers away from other shops and they flood the site making it harder and harder to be found.
Flag/report the item and move on. If you have a link to a wholesale site, include that when you report the item.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:11am Jan 22, 2014 EST
Have you read the Terms of Use? THAT is what is wrong with calling out a shop. It amazes me, how many have not read, the very thing we have all agreed to.
I realize that it is in the terms of use, but I was asking what was wrong with it in general not specifics.
I have seen shops called out that appear to be mass produced or resellers on first glance, but it turns out that they do either make their own items, or they comply with Etsy's terms. It can be devastating to those shops and it's Etsy's call what to do with them, not ours. That's why we just flag.
Terry, thanks for the information. I can see your point about being devastating to those shops because we don't know the other side of the story.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:47am Jan 22, 2014 EST
I should have just grabbed a photo. I'm sorry I didn't do that. But I don't see how a forum is going to be devastating to them? Buyers aren't going to come in here before they shop. I think it's much more harmful in the reverse. I don't know why Etsy hasn't shut this thread down if it's so terrible. I did say I was glad to be told I'm wrong, I just want some answers and people to be aware.
There are actually a lot of buyers in the forums.
Etsy allows manufacturing, so it's hard to know this shop's role in the process. Perhaps it was their original concept.
"Original concept "made by Samsung ?
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:33am Jan 22, 2014 EST
It's just like with my kids, you give them an inch and then they're out of control. I like the idea that you can use "partners" to manufacture your items....but when your partner takes over the entire process and ships them to you (or in some cases they just go straight to the customer) in prepackaged boxes to be mass shipped all over the US and world without you being hands on...
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:35am Jan 22, 2014 EST
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Then they are required to have an about page specifying what it is they designed and who manufactures it and where it is manufactured. This shop, along with so many others does not have any of that information.
I sit here shaking my head at some of the responses in this thread. Calling out other shops is aganist the rules - but beating up on you is so much more out of line. The shop you indicate and others like it have been selling long before manufacturing was ever allowed . Flagging does not seem to bring about results and we have little left we can do. I am with you & wish it would stop
I don't know if you can see it, but I can't seem to FIND their About Page. I figured that would clear it all up but...
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:07am Jan 22, 2014 EST
Keena, yes, they are missing my point. I absolutely get the reasons why calling out is not allowed. I have apologized for that a few times here. I didn't think about it like that and should have. If I had any reason to think that these could have possibly been handmade, I'd have hesitated and just flagged. But it's pretty obvious.
Yeah, don't beat up Mindy! Unfortunately the shop "seems" to not have the pertinent information. Sadly, many people don't seem to know what the "manufacturers" regulations entail, but this shop does "seem" to clearly be outside of that... - Cap'n
Flagging does no good.... besides I thought Etsy is now letting mass factory made things sell now? I think its a mistake and changes Etsy from what it proclaimed to always be... but..............
This shop was mass producing long before manufacturing was allowed and there are a hundred just like it
No, "Mass Factory Made Things" is not exactly the spirit of the regulation, although many people seem to think it is. But unfortunately the shop in question does seem to be violating the both the spirit and the letter. Lots of copyright violation... -Cap'n
I think it's against Etsy's rules to call out another shop in the forum. You can talk about it, but once you place a picture of their item and their shop name in the forum it violates the rules for forums. You have to flag this shop and handle this more discretely.

Have a Great Day!
...of course it's in violation but aren't many of these so called handmade shops in violation too. Etsy has to deal with it ...but it certainly washes out the whole concept of what this site was originally about and built on.
I understand your frustration. But, calling out another shop in front of everyone is unprofessional and not very nice. All you can do is report it respectfully and professionally and tend to your own shop.

Just because one person breaks the rules (in your opinion) doesn't give you a free card to come on here and break the rules just despite them. We all have integrity to uphold.

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:15am Jan 22, 2014 EST
Very well said Heather, I agree.
Heather...defining "professional" is objective. How professional is it to support the shops that are clearly breaking the rules and to slam another seller because they have sincere concerns?

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