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[EDITED] did not complete my purchase! edited

This post has been removed.

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Does the transaction show up under your purchase? If so there should be a "report a problem with this order" option
Open a case on a Paypal, or do a chargeback on your credit card.
Sorry you have to deal with this...
First if you have time, you should edit your message here. You cannot "call out" shops by naming their names in the public forums. It will probably get the thread locked.

Aside from that, you will need to open a dispute with either Etsy or Paypal (depending on how you paid) and file it as item not received. If the time limit has passed on those, you can try to dispute the charge on your credit card with your bank.
Try emailing them, their info is on the receipt, find your receipt here If they don't respond you should open a case. Info on that here:
When did you make your purchase? Did you receive an auto message after your purchase indicating when you might expect to receive it?
Depends on how you paid, paypal or direct check out (credit card). How long has it been since you made the purchase, if you paid by paypal you have 45 days to file a claim for nondelivery.
You may want to contact Etsy to find out what happened with the shop. You should also contact your credit card company or PayPal to see if you can get your money back.
I didn't mean to "call out" a shop- and now I'm not sure how to edit it...I also didn't expect an abundance of response so quickly. thank you for your comments and suggestions.
So sorry this is happening to you. Please follow up and get your money back.

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