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Buyer Question: Is this really considered handmade?

Hi! I'm a buyer and I was looking into purchasing some jewelry and I typed in the simple "cat" tag. I clicked through just the first 7 pages and 25 different shops were selling the exact same necklace in either silver or gold. All of them said handmade? I'm not sure if they are all buying the same necklace from somewhere and selling it as handmade, or if it's considered handmade if you buy a pendant, buy a chain, put them together, and sell it? Is this really considered handmade? It just really bothers me, I guess...

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Depends on your definition of hand made - there are many levels and differing opinions on the subject. If it bothers you, just keep clicking through until you find something that suits you better. Maybe use a more specific tag.
if you do a google image search, and find the necklace in question on a site like alibaba or dhgate, it's a pre-made item being bought on the cheap and resold here. not etsy legal. not allowed. report the item to etsy with a link to where you found it elsewhere.
Thank you, I will do that!
I just typed in "silver cat necklace" and the necklace is everywhere, some come back to etsy but almost all of them are sold cheap from South Korea on different websites. So I should report this?
yep. it's a terrible pain in the arse, but yes. thank you for being willing.
I guess I don't feel like it should be considered handmade if it's so simple literally anyone can do it by going to the store, buying the pendant and chain, and then selling it? It seems like simply reselling to me..
hand assembled is permitted here, as long as you are the designer. many components are readily available as supplies, which can go a certain distance to explain similarities. but exact copies...not so much. plus, why would you want to make the same thing as so many other people? but, i suppose...if it's selling, why not cash in? doesn't appeal to me as a buyer or a seller.
doesn't appeal to me either, but then again I don't do this for the money. It's just my favorite thing in the world to do, so I prefer to make something that is my own.
Many people who shop on here understand the value of "actual handmade" :) just look through and read descriptions and profiles. Its wonderful when you can basically get to know the fab artists on here :)
handmade, if you consider clicking "on" for a machine overseas as handmade. :)
I see what you are talking about, and it is my guess that the cat charms are purchased by the sellers and made into necklaces by putting them on chains. I think Etsy allows that under the category of "handmade". There are so many other choices though if you don't like the charms. I agree that you should just skip over them until you find something you like. It is a fine line I guess, but I do believe they are within the boundaries of hand made if they simply string a charm onto a chain!
Interesting.. thank you for answering!
My personal thinking is that its more a case of very large manufacturers/factories with employees sat making these items and then they set up lots of different shops here, there and other places to sell.
Etsy allows you to buy a bead and put it on a chain and sell it as handmade, and they have allowed this since the dawn of Etsy time. There are however people here who make their own pendants, you can find them if you look. And it's not too difficult, there are a lot of them. :)
Wow, I guess I just overreacted. I probably wont purchase since I could easily just buy the necklace for so much cheaper elsewhere. Besides, I like unique items!
I don't consider it handmade, but Etsy does. It makes it harder to find real handmade items, because search results are clogged by this stuff. It does help to search in a certain price range.
I will sometimes buy a pendant and add it to a chain.......this being said. I hand cut the chain and add jump rings and a clasp to it. In my opinion this is handmade. I have a variety of different levels of handmade in my shop!! You will find resellers on Etsy so I would be careful buying any item when you see that many of the same thing.
I definitely would consider that being handmade, but they almost all have the same chains even so it's kind of obvious it was previously bought!

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