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when do you decided Etsy is not working

Happy Monday all...ok trying, really trying to stay positive on this Etsy thing. I feel very very confident that I have worked Etsy BIG TIME for almost a year and not really seeing much activity. I have tweaked the tags/keywords like CRAZY, promoted like CRAZY on all social media, took and retook pics, etc. etc. etc. I just don't know anymore....

AHHHHHH :) Thoughts?

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Just came back from my last show (they are still working great!), haven't been listing for a while, but will be closing everything up in Feb.. and retiring. It has been a fun ride, but ready to move on... Etsy changes are partly the reason. The whole thing is explained on my website.
Jill--I've been a (remote) 'fan' of your shop for quite a while so was dismayed/curious that you're packing it in. I just read your 'adieu' on your website and can well understand why you're ready for a new life direction. Just wanted to wish you well on your new adventure, wherever you go.
Just bookmarked your website, your reasons for leaving Etsy pretty much reflect my own feelings right now. Not sure what I'm going to do just yet, but I'd like to wish you all the best on your continuing endeavors. Joyce
Thanks much to you both. Etsy was a good venue and intro to selling; and I was very lucky it existed when I needed new employment, but all things change and we must roll with it. Huh!
There will be others who can offer way more savvy advice, but with my limited knowledge I can tell right off the bat that you're not taking full advantage of multi-word tags. And listings with such words as "Adorable Whimsical" as the first words in the title might be hurting you too, as those aren't the words people would generally be using for searching for cards.

Having said that, I can relate to your frustration. In the 3+ years I've been active with Etsy, it just seems like success comes just a little bit easier for some than others. It definitely takes hard work, SEO, etc, but it does seem like sometimes luck plays a little part in success as well.

To answer your title's question, I would say you decide when it isn't working anymore when you've run out of funds to keep going, and/or there just isn't any joy in it anymore.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:50pm Jan 27, 2014 EST
very good points here!
I agree with you!

A bit more on the coming easy to some people - it can seem like that, but I think very few of us sit back and do nothing but watch the money roll in. Many successful businesses on Etsy now started around the same time as me, and I've watched them work like crazy, time the market, and get in on a niche. If you are doing that, and not succeeding, then maybe it's the product...
And to continue - not that the OP's product is bad- it's gorgeous! But it's a saturated market, and also a dying market. People send cards less and less. So, in their case, they either need to find an angle that works, or find a product that will. :D It's a hard decision to make - you can have a perfectly great product in any market - not just Etsy - and yet it doesn't sell!
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:50pm Jan 27, 2014 EST
Are you really enjoying yourself when you make your cards or are you so focused on making a sale. Listen I have been at this for a year and no sales really but I keep on working on my art. These days may art is very much different than the stuff I started out with. If you have seen me around then you would now. I too want more than anything to make a living at this and can't seem to do it. But think of all the people who have succeeded and they just did it. They not once in there there stories gave up. Maybe they had thoughts but you it is not the same. They kept trying and trying. Why do you really want to make these cards. Are you holding back from a design you really have been wanting to do. My advice is just to think about this for a few days and don't even look at your site-go on a vacation. Relax and then come back to your shop with a fresh pair of eyes and keep going. You can't take your eye off the price. Every time you feel the urge to stray real yourself back to the place in your mind. The place that tells you you can and will. The place that allows you to dream and wonder and create the life you want. Live as though you already have this down. I know it is hard but hey I feel motivated with my my shop as well. If you want take a look at my shop and find something that motivates you. I send you a jpg file for free.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:54pm Jan 27, 2014 EST
by the way two things that really jumped out at me where the 7.00 price tag. I have seen 14.00 cards and they are gorgeous and filled with jewels and sparkly things. I would rearrange your shop to show the different price points. You do make cute cards!! I would work on some more unique designs. Oh the dark or black background makes it hard for the great colors to stand out.
I decided a few years ago and focused on selling wholesale. It's so much easier.
Thanks all
I understand your frustration .I love crafting thingies and that's the reason I am still here:)
Maybe you can find an additional way to sell your stuff? I for instance do really good on Facebook.
I think you should offer wording in your cards, yours or theirs. I see you do on some.I love buying cards from etsy but when it's says blank inside I sometimes pass them up. I have a really hard time finding the right words. I over think and wonder if what I am writing sounds dumb. Have you thought about people who have horrible hand writing? (my husband!) You open this beautiful cards and can't read what it says inside? Just a thought. Your cards are Sweet!
I truly appreciate all your ideas...many many thanks! :)
I don't think I'll give up until I truly feel like I have given it my all in terms of SEO and promoting. I've been open since early last year but I admit I let my shop just sit a lot of that time.

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