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How to compete with other shops which sell mass produced items but claim it as handmade?

I came across a shop on Etsy which made 100 sales since December 2013. This shop sells items which the owner is buying from a wholesale company (I even know which company they are buying the stuff from) but claims it as handmade.

The owner of the shop doesn't show his/her location or name.

How this is possible? Why Etsy doesn't control these things? I find it really unfair to us, the real makers on Etsy.

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I don't know. I've reported shops of people I know personally who are reselling, as well as other shops where I can give them a link to where there are factories offering the same products, and it still doesn't stop them. There's even someone selling basically an Apple accessory, something he could never make on his own without highly specialized equipment, and I even linked my report to his kickstarter where he talks about them being manufactured, and he's still on.

So how does Etsy control it? I don't think they really do. How to compete? There are plenty of people out there who value handmade. Find them. Because they are going to be angry if they buy something and find out it's factory-made, and you will be there to get them what they really wanted. :D
Just report their shop...and your shop is adorable!!!
Report the Shop and the etsy Integrity Team will investigate...
The town meeting today talked about this and it sounded like etsy was working to find a solution...if you make handmade you do not buy and pass it off as your own work thats so unprofessional
I suggest finding your target market and forget about competing with low priced resellers. There are customers for every price point as well as many shoppers who would never think of buying something that they consider "cheap."
^^^ This ^^^

Be reassuringly expensive not suspiciously cheap and let the quality buyers find you - they will as well
Just pretend your on Ebay and carry on .......................
I agree with Mary...just focus on your own store...don't use energy over things you can't control. Yes report if you see it happening but don't go searching for it. Your shop is particularly taken with your packaging. Have you ever thought of changing the shop name to Lewes Ties...think it would be a good move. Best of luck.
Keep creating work that is original and unique to you and your style. Keep innovating and finding new designs and ways to create. This will keep your work fresh and unique. Don't try to compete.... innovate instead.
Some of those companies steal photos from Etsy sellers to use on their website.... I've had over 130 orders (probably close to 200 "sales") this month alone, and I cut/carve/paint/distress all my handmade products (I also sell some supplies). It is not impossible to think that a handmade seller could maintain that volume.

There are plenty of customers out there who value and made and are able to spot the difference.

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