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What do you think of this scenario?

What's everyone's opinion on this scenario: I bought something from someone on Etsy, but I then find out that after I purchased, they now have to make it. I would think that if I purchased something, it could be sent out at least in the following week, but in this case, it is still being made. They also instantly reposted the item I bought immediately after I purchased it.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is it really a problem? Am I wrong to think that this is wrong?

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Personally, I won't list anything unless it's completed and ready to be mailed out.

That's just me, though.
Hmm, did the description say anything about it not being made? If it's a custom item, that would be expected. But if not, that might be a little misleading...
If they stated that in their listing, then there is no problem. But if not....then the person isn't even selling what they had listed!

Sounds like bad business to me.
I think that it would have been more appropriate for the seller to have said in the listing that this was a custom-made item. Did you pay for this item with paypal? If I had, I would expect the item to be sent out in the next day or so, not in a week or so.
I would be upset if I was the buyer. It is like going to a regular store bringing an item up to the register paying for it and the sales clerk says no you can't have that item, it's just for display we have to have that one made and it will take time. If it were me I would try and ask for my money back and say I felt the listing was misleading.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:17 pm Feb 4, 2006 EST
I agree with everyone else. If the listing didn't say it wasn't a work in progress....
I agree with the above....unless it was stated that you would have to wait for the item to be made....I would expect it shipped within a day or so.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:27 pm Feb 4, 2006 EST
The only things I list before they're made are duplicates of buttons/prints (things which require no variable handcraft) and a listing for custom portrait pendants which are dependent on the buyer sending me pictures to do the custom work. I wouldn't want to buy from anyone not operating under similar principles to mine on that.
I also agree that it would be fairest on the part of a seller to list in the description that the item is made to order...just so everyone's on the same page :)

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