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The Sampler and rankings

I'm still a bit confused as to how this works. I've been watching my shops raning for some time now. I started out at 12 or so and then after a few months dropped back to 29, then up to 28 and now back to 31. What gives? I've got more items in my shop then most in the top 10. And I've got more feedback than some in the top 30. So how is this decided? Who decides? Can anyone clear this up, it's been a goal of mine to stay in the top 10 but clearly if Im dropping back in the rankings, that's not gonna happen.

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Hey, what are you complaining about?

I would give anything to be in the top 100! You go girl for just doing that!
This subject goes round and round mamadelic. You can see the same question and many replies at
Basically, the ranking is accomplished by a weighted averaging of several *secret* factors. I'd like to make it to the top 50 sampler just as a personal goal, but.... I really don't think it will improve my sales. I need customers to find me because of the specific items I sell, and that would have more to do with searching engines, tags, etc. But it would still be fun to see my shop name up there one day.
I think it rotates at least it seems that way for me. I am there and I rotate sometimes I'm on Random seller and sometimes I'm on top items. I thought I figured the secret out now I'm not so sure. I'm glad I'm there though just the same. I think the top 100 means just that, it doesn't mean you're #10 at all it just means your the top 100 and it automatically rotates slowly without each one meaning anything different. When you rotate towards the top items or top seller category it means the same as top 100 it was just your turn and you rotated there. In other words each of the 100 gets a turn at each one as they rotate around. Eventually you get back there. Again just my theory.
naw, ling has been consistantly #1 ever since I've been here... the rankings are actual rankings...

see the other forum posts on this subject for more details...

mamadelic, it seems one of the primary factors is listing things on a consistant (daily?) basis, not just having a lot listed
oops didn't realize that about ling, sorry, Ok listing on a daily basis,interesting,that theory makes sence. Yes mamadelic the last time you listed was beginning of january. I guess that would make you a top seller too, tops in etsys book, lol
It shifts everyone... I've been keeping an eye on my position - in about 2 weeks I went from 46 to 27. So as shops change (based on their feedback, page hits, listings, sales - the secret factors forumla) the rankings change accordingly.

That's my take on it.

It's like a game to me (horse racing?) - right now the fastest mover up the list is Gudonya. Go girl!
hey Gadgetgirl, I have a question, if ranking is based on all those things, why am I sliding down in the rankings? I have more items than ever and more feedback than ever. If that formula is true, I should be going up, not down. As you can see I'm feeling pretty bummed about going down when I've been working so hard!
I think it has something to do with selling constistency ( i.e. selling an item from your shop nearly very day) and listing consistency (listing very frequently).
Yeah, I get confused too! The secret formula I'm sure takes in ALL those factors that we've listed here. How are daily hits for your page? That plays into it, too. Mind you, you could jump back up by tomorrow morning! It's sporatic (takes time to register what's been going on in your shop)

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