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Could I ask?

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:18 pm Feb 7, 2006 EST
Well I been wanting to post this question for awhile however I been a big chicken but here it goes.

I have my eye on a few crochet, sewn, or felted pieces and I would like to ask the seller if it is coming from a smoke free enviroment before I buy.

My reasoning is my son has asthma, plus I strongly detest cig. smell. I have been so excited about products in the past only to be VERY disappointed when I open the box and get a huge wiff of cig. Dont get me wrong it is a person choice to smoke or not. So do what you will, but I just prefer smoke free stuff.

Would it be tacky to ask?

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I don't think it's tacky to ask. It's a valid question.
You have absolutely every right to ask!! If it's not stated in the listings, ask!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:20 pm Feb 7, 2006 EST
No, its not tacky. I infact I have it posted in my store that my stuff is smoke free. Infact, when I recieved some yarn that was gifted to me that was NOT smoke free, I washed it vigourously, even though its taking me like a week to do as I wash it all by hand.

It is not tacky at all to ask. I am a knitter and I approve this message.
I think it's completely reasonable.

I sell used books on eBay, and if I was the original owner I always mention that it is coming from a smoke-free, no pets home.

I think that everyone is pretty much aware that there are folks who have allergies.
I do not think it would be tacky or offensive to ask. After all you have very good reasoning seeing as how your son has asthma, I do smoke mostly away from my crafts and even then I air mine out and always scent it with something else to get rid of sellant and adhesive smell anyway. But go ahead and ask I wouldn't think ot would be a problem. :)
I am an ex-smoker and have not smoked in 4 years. I did not realize how bad it smelled until after I had quit for awhile. I bought two things off of e-bay that did not come from a smoke-free home. I opened the package and it hit me in the face full blast! Yuk, Yuk!
Not at all tacky. You should be satisfied with your purchase, not wishing you hadn't made it in the first place. That's information they should be glad to request!
Oh yes, I sell on e-Bay and always put a message on my listings that my items come from a smoke-free home.

I have someone in my household who is allergic to smoke and even before I quit I had to go outside to smoke. It can get cold in the winter time standing in one spot smoking! :p
definately ask :)

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