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Help yourself to a t-shirt, from Etsy to you - SOLD OUT

To show how grateful we are for your understanding, we've made a special t-shirt for everyone who was affected by the data loss.

You can view the shirt here:

Please send an email to with the following:

Men's or Women's
Size: S, M, L
Color: White or Light Blue

(we're using American Apparel shirts, printing them here in Brooklyn)

We'll send you the shirt totally free of charge!


All 200 shirts we have are claimed. We'll be putting this shirt up for sale in the upcoming Etsy merchandise shop here, stay tuned!

90 Responses

You guys are too about customer service! All is forgiven...even without the t-shirts. Sh*t happens!
You guys are so cool. Thanks for the shirt! Can't wait to get it!

I love the design & would love to have an Etsy shirt. Why does it have to say 'sorry,' though? :(

I know you're apologizing for the crash, but I want to promote Etsy on my chest without any allusions *totally understandable and forgiveable* crashes. :)

"allusions to"
AH, please send the address you want it shipped to, please.
So very cool and fast too! You guys rock!
Thank you!!!!
I think you should make a shirt that says " I survived the great ETSY crash of 06'" hee hee hee
But that one is cool!
You guys are great...I work with computers, networking and other fun stuff at my real job, I know data loss is a big pain in the arse!
You guys are awesome! I LOVE the shirt... I agree, I'd love to promote esty by wearing a shirt!!! I hope you guys realize we forgive you a gazillion times over!!!
What a great idea. Just sent you my email. For once I was in the right place at the right time. Can't wait to get it, tho it may be a couple of months until I can wear it where it will be seen. Having a Blizzard tonight, so they say.....anyway...thanks again for your generosity. You really are a great group (of 4) guys, and I'm really elated that I found this site, even if it was by accident!!! judith

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