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Writing on Glass

I'm planning a new project I want to try but have one big question.
I know really nothing about crafting with/on glass, so is there a special type of pen that writes on glass? Do fine point sharpies stay put on glass or just wipe off?
And do any of the craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Joanns) have these glass writing pens?

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:27pm Jul 26, 2006 EDT
A Sharpie would rub off pretty quickly, I'd imagine. There are glass paints that you can use that bake in your oven and then become permanent. And yes...there's even a pen, I just found out. :)
there are glass paints in liquid bottled form and pen form at michael's.. I've used the bottle & brush form to make personalized shotglasses before but didn't use their primer/bake the paint on after

so on contact with alcohol, the paint started peeling off..and my gifts were ruined =( just a heads up, cuz this happened to me.. make sure you follow the instructions

I think sharpies will eventually wear off
Painting on glass is what I do and have found that the pens tent to fade pretty advice would be use the baked on enamel (Micheals carries it) and use a fine line brush. You then have to bake it in your oven. Your glass will be washable and I have had no problem with it etching or fading.
You could also try an etching cream and a stencil for a cool etched effect, but it might be pretty time consuming.
thanks everyone for the help.
i'm off to visit micheals tonight
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:22pm Jul 26, 2006 EDT
Sharpie will wear off in a washing or contact with any alcohol.

I have never used any paint other that Paradise Paint for glass.
This is a product most professionals use.
You will have to search it out online, Michael's doesn't carry it.

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