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Does anyone know anything about Froogle

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:48pm Feb 19, 2006 EST
I entered my name and address on my site info and clicked the box that said my stuff would be on froogle. Then I went to froogle and didn't find anything...Confused about how this works so any info would be great

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Did you upload your products file in the format they requested?
I *think* google works on hits and links to and around items... So I think the more that they are linked to, and clicked thru (or whatever magical combination thereof) the more they will show up.. and I have seen stuff from etsy on my other searches... so I'd just keep the faith!
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:33pm Feb 19, 2006 EST
I upload my own stuff to Froogle, but I think if you turn on the Froogle option in your shop, it will do it automatically. It does have a lag time. It took three days at first even when I sent the upload myself.

the froogle thing in your shop isn't, to my knowledge, working yet -- there seems to be an issue with google on that -- check the other forums for the one with the official comment form RD on it.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:28pm Feb 19, 2006 EST
Thanks for the replies, I just wondered because I thought it sounded good and figured if it was that good all you sellers would be on it but then couldn't find anyone on it
I can google my bath salts, or even my dragon bank and it comes up
I really had no idea about it but I figured I'd fill it out anyway if it can possibly increase hits to my shop.
I googled one of my items a while back and it showed up.
googling is a little different than froogling :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:02pm Feb 19, 2006 EST
It doesn't come up automatically if you click that little box. I had to set up my own ftp feed, and, as someone who knows nothing about programming, I found that a bit scary. But it's not too bad - if you click on Information for Merchants on the Froogle site they take you through it. You basically put all the details of your shop items in a spreadsheet and send it to them.

Good luck rosebudz :)

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