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possibly dumb question about money orders/checks

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:48pm Sep 13, 2005 EDT
When someone selects to pay by money order or check does Etsy automatically provide them with an address to mail it to?

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No, the only address we have on file for sellers is their billing address, which is oftentimes different from the address they actually conduct business at.

It is the seller's responsibilty to provide this information to their buyers.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:18am Sep 14, 2005 EDT
Okay, thanks. I actually just discovered this when, after letting the buyer know who to make the check out to, they had to ask me where to send it. Oops!
Hey pancakesandnoodles, love your avatar.

You can have etsy auto-send your buyers the info, by going into "Your Shop" Then click on "Shop Setup" and scroll down to the "Message to Buyers" form. That's where you enter your mailing address and any other inportant stuff your buyers should know. yay!
oops typo..

Anyway, hope this helps! I also included some nice thanks for your purchase stuff in my message to buyers.. I love them so..
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:12pm Sep 26, 2005 EDT
Hi! Thanks, I love the tree in yours. I do need to enter in a message for the auto send but unfortunately can't do that yet for the money order info. My sister and I are both selling from the same shop because we're running the business together and until we can get a bank account in both our names (preferably a business account for Pancakes and Noodles) we'd have two different addresses for payments to go to. But thanks for mentioning the autosend and reminding me about it!

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