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I need your opinion.

I am planning to offer satin pillowcases for sale. They are wonderful for preserving a new hair do as well as being comfortable to sleep on. They give you a very luxurious feel as you settle in for the night. My question, should I sell them by the pair or just for the women? Also what about size, regular, queen, or king?

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I personally like the pillows on my bed to match. You could offer them as sets and individually. You could also give a slight discount for getting a set.
I would want to buy a pair. I would think that I would make some in every size. Or make a sample set then do customed orders to the isze people want> That just me> Have great day Julie
My Mom, who is standing right beside me, thinks they should always be in pairs and she buys all sizes. Hmmm, but I was thinking my husband would never sleep on one, and if I were to buy one, it would be a single. Sorry, if we just add to the confusion!
I have long hair that often gets tangled on regular pillowcases. I've been considering buying a satin pillowcase or two because I hate the breakage caused when I try to detangle in the mornings.

I'd say that it would probably make sense to sell them individually. Probably in queen and king. You could proably offer a couple of pairs as well just to gauge response to them. But I think most people will just want to buy one at a time. Good luck.
i go for individually as well... if someone wanted a "set" they'd just buy 2 anyway...

those sound great! =)
I would want a pair to match.

Seems like some people like a pair, some like individual. Why not post one pair and one individual? :)
I really go for satin pillowcases and have been looking for them whenever I am in a linen department at the stores, but never can find them. I probably would buy from you!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:46 pm Feb 20, 2006 EST
Yummy! I want one!
Thanks for everyone's response. Sounds like there is a need for satin pillowcases. I think I will post a pair of regular sized pillowcases and offer king sized, or queen in several different colors. I will list prices and take orders. I need to learn how Alchemy works. :)

Do you have suggested prices for singles? Pairs would be cheaper per pillowcase.

Thanks, Edith

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