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Help with Shipping

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:34pm Feb 20, 2006 EST
Does anyone out there have some suggestion with regards to shipping. I've listed $8.10 because I've got some of the flat rate boxes, but I'd like to offer a less expensive alternative. How do you figure out what to charge without knowing a potential buyer's zip code?


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Theres alot of good info on this in past threads including ideas from different countrys
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:56pm Feb 20, 2006 EST
You can either get a postal rate chart from your local post office or print one from (their website). This will give you the rates for the different shipping options such as Priority, First Class, Media, Parcel Post, etc. It will break it down by weight and shipping zone. You will also need to get the list as to what zip codes are in what zone from your zip code. Your post office will also have this from your own zip code, or if you print from the website, you just enter your zip code first and it will give you the one for your location. I refer to this chart all the time, as I ship a wide variety of sizes and weights. Any questions on how to use the form, just ask your local postmaster, they will explain it to you better as they can show you in person as they explain how to use it.

Hope this helps,
Nikki =)
Go to the usps website. there are usps $4.05 envelopes and global priority flat rate shipping envelopes--$4.25 to Canada and $5.25 to most of Europe.

Good suggestion by canadianwoodcrafts--there are threads on shipping that flesh all this info out.
well it looks like your items won't fit in a flat-rate envelope, and might be heavy... I generally weight the item (you can get a scale online for a decent price -- the convenience of not having to go to the Post Office is worth the cost, imo)... then I use the USPS calculator to figure out how much it will cost to ship it to a state that's furthest away (which is something on the west coast for me).

If that price is less than a flat-rate box, then I list that price as shipping. If it's more than flat-rate then I list the flat-rate cost.

If the difference between states is large, I put in my listing that if someone is closer, they can contact me for cheaper shipping.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:41pm Feb 22, 2006 EST
Thank you all for the excellent suggestions. I'll head out to the USPS site and see about that shipping chart. I think I'll need to get out and pick up a scale, too.

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