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Learning lampwork

I live in Columbia, SC and would like to learn the art of lampworking. Does anyone know of a good teacher in this area?

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I would love to learn this too, and I am in Wilmington, NC. I was going to do it by the 'trial and error' of the books I found was $75!! LOL..As much as I'd love to do it, I can't afford to right now. I know the supplies are a bit on the high end also.
I've never tried lampworking, although I'd love to... I learned the art of fused glass from Kristin Humphreys. She's got a website ( and may know of a good contact in your area.
Good luck and have fun!
You don't need the $75.00 book....check Amazon for Jim Kervin's book, or one called beads of glass, the authors name just slipped my mind.
There's a lampworker in Wilmington, Deb Beasley, she goes by Red*Dog*Designs on ebay. She might be persuaded to give lessons, and she's very good.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:50pm Feb 22, 2006 EST
A friend of mine took a class at a community college -- you might check out that possibility. I think she ended up taking a second class, just to get the studio time it offered.

Also, I just found a local bead shop that offers classes and they're not too expensive. Once you've taken 2 of their classes, you can sign up for "studio time" at the shop and work on your own. (I think that's how it works)
Yeah community education in Fresno has all kinds of craft/art related courses and lampwork is one of them. Call your local recreation department!!
The classes weren't very expensive either.
seriously consider taking classes rather than learning it on your own. I knew a heck of alot about lampworking before I sat down at a torch and let me tell ya, it helped diddly squat. Most books just can't convey the complexity of sitting inches from a really hot flame trying to hold two rods at specific angles, one of them moving constantly at a specific distance from the flame. It's not easy.

so yeah, take a class. everyone else above has given some good suggestions :-)


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