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Alchemy or list in my shop ?


For the last 2 days I did receive 2 requests. They contacted me through conversations and we do agree about the items and the price. But I’m not sure what to do next ? Should I ask them to send an alchemyrequest or should I just list the items in my shop and put an "reserved for.." in my description ?
When you do it through alchemy is it possible for other visiters to see the items I’ve made ?
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:15am Feb 24, 2006 EST
If you do it through Alchemy, no one else will see then end product. I did Alchemy once. Didn't care for it myself. I just completed 2 special requests and listed them as "for so-in-so only". I got a lot of views on the items so I listed some that were not special orders. I really wish people could have seen the item I completed for my Alchemy request. I might have gotten a little more business.
I agree with sugarlumps list them as reserved in your shop better exposure that way.

Alchemy feedback counts for double though :) Hopefully one day we'll be able to post the items aswell
Now I now what to do, I will list them in my shop so others can see them too. Thank you all !
I believe they do plan on making alchemy requests show up in sold items, just haven't gotten that far yet.
I think, may be wrong!
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:06am Feb 24, 2006 EST
What're you making!?
I have an Alchemy question, too.

I got a personal request, I put in a bid, the buyer accepted it, I confirmed it, and now it reads, "This alchemy process has been completed." The buyer can't find a way to pay me, I can't find a way to ask her to pay me, and I don't see any links to add feedback, etc.

Am I correct in assuming that there's no "item" anywhere that my buyer can go to and click a link to pay? Should I just send her a PayPal request or something? I'm a little confused at the workflow of this feature.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:00am Feb 24, 2006 EST
Invoice her using Paypal or, if they aren't going to use Paypal, create your own (keep a copy). Since you don't list your Alchemy item, there are no links, etc. You're basically on your own. Etsy charges you their fee based on the agreed amount in the finalized bid.
Mainegirl. you guys get to sort out the payment between you, so sending a paypal request would work just fine :)

Feedback should be in the normal place you leave feedback. Under 'my account"

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