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Possibly confused buyer?

Hey everyone... I sold a pair of earrings tonight to an Etsy user, and then one minute later, I sold the same pair (I had two up for sale) to the same user. Not much of a question there, but here's the issue:

The first pair, she chose paypal as the payment method. The second pair, she chose payment by check. On both pairs, she chose international shipping, even though both emails had the same address, in the US. I currently have international shipping at $0.00, so that I could calculate the shipping on a case-by-case basis.

I emailed her about these two things, but I haven't heard back from her yet... not too sure what's going on here.

Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Liza D Creations

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It's good you tried to contact her, hopefully she'll get back to you soon.

Also, it should not be possible for someone to "choose" international shipping -- you are automatically given a shipping rate determined by the shipping address you put in. If you are both listed as being in the same country, it should be giving her your domestic rate.

If she doesn't get back to you in a few days, don't hesitate to let us know via email.
Whoa, was shipping always like that? I thought that it was a "US rate" and "international rate." Now I've got to go edit all of my shipping prices...
Yes, shipping has always auto-selected the proper shipping amount with respect to the buyer's location. The only difference we've made is that we now allow the seller to make their "local" shipping option somewhere other than the US.
contact etsy support asap
This is a VERY old thread from 2005!
Wow! how did it come up now???
i found a similar thread in the bugs section too and that was very recent. Same problem exists for all these years.

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