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The New and Awesome But Possibly Flawed New "Featured Items" Feature

Is is just my store? When I click on one of the items I deemed "feature" worthy, that crazy little rat-monkey picture comes up and tells me the item is no longer for sale.
But it may just be a kink that's already being worked out by our very capable web masters and mistresses....

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Your store looks okay to me -- which item are you clicking that's causing the error? I tried them all out...
just ran into this problem myself. if you click on any of my featured items through the "view your public shop" it shows it has no longer being for sale.
I think the problem is in the link somehow, it shows the item as having no number.

If you scroll over a featured item it has the link as "" no matter which featured item you choose. But if you scroll over the main link to that item it has "" or whatever the number is.
Yes, that seems like a clue. It's still rat-monkey town for me :)
don't you take me to, monkey town..don't you take me to..monkey town.

so yeah, I got monkeys. cute lil' fellas.

Sarah... you just made me completely crack up.

thanks, I'll be here all week. remember to tip your waiter.

Ah, I found it --- your actual public sites were working fine, which is why I didn't see a problem with them originally. It was only your *preview/public view* sites that were parsing the links improperly.

So, basically, your shops worked perfectly for everyone but you. ;]

All fixed!
I was just about to post and mention I'd discovered that when checking out other's shops. Yay. Thanks for the quick response!

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