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What makes buttons "vintage"?

I'm still struggling with button knowledge even though I just sold two lots of them last night! Sooo...what makes buttons "vintage"? I don't want to be misleading in my item titles!

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I'd say they are - or at least you sincerely believe them to be - 1980s or older...
I'm not sure of buttons, but jewelry can be called Vintage when it is at least 20 years old and Antique when it is at least 100 years old. 'Vintage' may vary for other items.
i'm not're "hole" buttons have a discription that says "shank" might want to fix that! :-)
oh gads....your...not you're

my 7th grade grammar teacher would have a cow!
thank you castleman!!
thank goodness for the edit button :)
I think of vintage at 25+ years old. And I think it was...wikipedia maybe? that said antique is 75+ years old.
Hmmmmmm... could be the Mother of Pearl Buttons, or the old paper mache' buttons, or maybe old military buttons.... or uniform buttons from the very old firemen, or Vets... etc...
Might be the old shoe buttons, (the old high button shoes? ! .... Gramma had those! ( Can you tell my momma was a seamstress?! .... and I am not young...hehe!

Also there are the "buttons from the 40's 50's bakelite? ... I am sure there are others.. glass buttons from the very olden days? ...
US Customs states that items at least 100 years old are considered Antiques. As far as I know, so do antique dealers (page 14). Cars are different.

Vintage varies because collectors have diferent standards for what attains vintage status in
their particular area of specialty.
gee then i have a whole tin full of vintage buttons! must go rob mom of her supply to, she doesn't use them. i save buttons off of all my worn out clothing, zippers too. so i'm thrify! :P Rebecca

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