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Need Help With Asian Translation

Okay per someone's suggestion, I have reposted this under a different subject to maybe get some more views. Please help if you can!

I bought this pendant a long time ago with cool chinese or japanese writing on it. I don't remember what the darn thing means! Does anyone know chinese or japanese and can tell me what is written on this pendant? I thought it had something to do with friendship.

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I do not know the answer to your question ajazwinski, sowry.

But you looked so lonely in this thread that I wanted you to have at least one response.

Besides it gives me an opportunity to tell you how pretty you look in your new dress... errr, I mean avatar.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:38 pm Mar 2, 2006 EST
Well, I still can't help you with the translation...but I still like the pendant!! ;-)
I asked my friend who is a native Chinese speaker and reader.

It's not about friendship.

There's no really direct English translation of the phrase.

It's a blessing - it has to do with good luck and health and that the things that you hope for will come true - kind of like that you will find yourself aligned with good things.... uhm....

It usually is used in home decoration, like maybe it will be printed on red paper and put up on the wall.... it's usually given to people at new year's... it's not a casual thing like a good fortune birthday wish.... and it's not made into jewelry usually, so that's kind of like maybe an American idea to put it on jewelry but it's not a traditional thing to wear that phrase on yourself.

Sorry I can't do better to explain. :(
well....its kinda hard to translate...

but on the means well wishes...
the first 2 characters mean good luck
the last 2 characters mean smoothly

so hope that helps you. at least its not so weird connotation or obsene meaning

It says Ji Xiang Ru Yi.

I'm Asian but I have no idea what it means. I can just read the words. LOL But when I googled it, it says: Wishing you good luck and prosperity.

The direct translation: As lucky as one wishes.

If its wrong, blame google! :D
Yeap it read as Ji Xiang Ru Yi.

Most chinese use this phrase as a blessing during chinese new year. U see them writing in chinese calligraphy on a red paper.

Ji Xiang - Good luck/prosperity
Ru Yi - wishes come true


Chinese(Mandarin): Jixiang (luck) ruyi (as one wishes)

Hope it helps.:o)
You guys are awesome! Thanks for the help! Now I can put something on the listing instead of "I have no idea what this means, but it looks cool". :-)

JOYouz- Your post made me laugh! MoxieRings did my new avatar, and I have to say that I love it!

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