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International Shipping

How do we go about shipping internationally? How much do we say for shipping? How do we know how much we actually get in american currance? Is there one best price to ship all over the world? Thanks in advance.

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:39 am Sep 1, 2006 EDT
I find it impossible to list a given fee for international shipping. My items are of various sizes and weights. I just put a note in each of my listings to email me for a international shipping quote prior to purchasing. That way, I can give them an accurate quote, based on their location. I don't lose money on shipping and they don't pay more than they should. I just enter 0.00 in the box on the listing form for international shipping. Hope this helps you. I also require payment by Paypal for any international purchases.
yes... Thank you. Do you ship first class or is it called global shipping?
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:49 am Sep 1, 2006 EDT
I usually give the customer a couple of options. Alot depends on if I need insurance on an item or not and how quickly they want to receive the item. Your items are small. Many of my items cost an arm and a leg to send internationally, and sometimes customers don't realize how much it will cost. That's why I ask them to let me give them a quote before they purchase something.
Thank you!
Most of my things for Air Mail Letter Post because they're small.
Sometimes my customer will want Global Priority. It's a couple days faster but not much. You can get an idea of the cost of something by going to and checking their international rates.

I also take PayPal, which works in most but not all countries. For those where PayPal doesn't work, I prefer not to sell there. Actually I haven't had the issue come up.

Also remember the customs forms. I have it right in my listings that I will list the actual price on the form and don't ask me to do differently or to list as a gift or sample. That other place just sent out an e-mail saying that foreign customs are getting upset and they'll be coming after us if we fudge the figures. Be sure to leave enough room or use a big enough envelope to get the form on the front. I offer to send in more than one package if necessary - they'll usually know their customs limits. Of course, I add the additional shipping but it's still often cheaper for them.
I sell supplies so list as handcraft items.

I ship internationally regularly and love my international customers - some of my best!

Hope we've helped.
all your beatiful items can be sent in an enveloppe...It's easy and cheap.
Just for information, I'm french and I send once to America : with a regular first price, it only took one week !
wow.. thank you!
Great ideas.

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