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So I was wondering why there is often staggerin differences between the views on items in my store. Sometimes I will list a few things at similar times and later one will have three or four times the amount of views. Why is there such a diffence in views? Is it title, listing?

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The following is entirely the opinion of a non-techie:

I think title and tags and picture have a lot to do with it. I changed the tags on my potholders and got alot more views on all but two sets. The others are all double digits, those two linger at 7 and 9.

Other than that I'm not sure. It is interesting though.
If I was more organized, I'd do a field test of using different tags, or compare the ones I've already used- but I just use words that pop into my mind!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:56am Mar 4, 2006 EST
That's an interesting one. I never know why something gets more views than another thing. Like my Dark Day and its Sunset painting has had as many views as something listed a month before it. My mini ceramic vessels seems to have had a surprising amount of views as well. My most viewed item is my Sleepy Hollow tree, possibly just because of its name. I called it that cos I based it on one of the trees in the opening sequence of the film. I wish I had as many sales as I had views *sigh* I'd be rich beyond the dreams of avarice :)
people really respond to
'little lambie foo foo insane pin series'
do you think it's the foo foo
or the lambie?
I assume if something I post doesn't get a lot of hits it's because people don't like it.
I did however just notice, thanks to this post, that one of my items, a poncho, didn't have the word poncho in the title or description. I used the word capelet, which most people wouldn't search for. I put poncho in the tags, but most people don't use tags I bet. so, I just changed it, it'll be interesting to see if it makes a difference.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:26pm Mar 4, 2006 EST
Good question Lusterbunny ~ I'm sure the more creative, unique and/or obscure ~ front page featured items get lots of clicks usually I noticed.

Curiosity clicks ~ More than a few of us get those...just the merest samplin' ~

Plus we have the "Mama said I'm not supposed to look at such things" factor ~ and ahaha, made ya click ;)

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:28pm Mar 4, 2006 EST
lol Beebalalou ~ "insane" did it for me.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:36pm Mar 4, 2006 EST
Could it have something to do with items found via a search as opposed to how many people actually went to our storefront?

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