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HELP - how do I link my new PayPal Acct. to Etsy?!?

I just upgraded my PayPal to a business account adding the etsy shop URL, and can't figure out how to get the PayPal option to show up for customers. A potential buyer wrote me to say the option didn't pop up. I bought something recently through PayPal and got an e-mail from linking me to the sellers paypal acct. to pay. How does this work? Can't find anything about it on FAQ. Called PayPal and they said it needs to be set up with ETsy.

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You will have to go in an edit each of your items. Check the Paypal option in the "Selling" area of your listing.
If you go to your Account page uncer the account info you can put in your paypal address. They take care of the rest.
OH, I miss read sorry.
Does that mean just the e-mail address that PayPal has on file for me?
Well you could have used your old paypal account, especially if it has your successful transactions listed. Did you get an entirely new account or did you just upgrade your old account? Paypal is completely seperate from "feebay" so you can use the same address anywhere!

Once you put your paypal address into your account on etsy (the email address you use to log into pp) you can set up each individual listing to accept paypal. It's on the second page of the list an item, under the price. That should set you up with paypal option so that your sellers can choose to pay with pp when they check out.
Oh nevermind I just noticed you said you upgraded. *blinks* I haven't had my morning tea yet. :)
Yes, the address you used when you signed up for pay pal. And then like stamps said you go back and edit any listings you have up where you want to accept paypal.
If I am not mistaken I did not do anything when I came to etsy on the PayPal. I already had it on e-bay and all I had to do was edit my listings on page 2 to reflect that I excepted PayPal.
Problems resolved. Phew! Purplevelvet, the PayPal option for Payments Accepted doesn't pop up for you when you list stuff unless you go to Your Account and add a PayPal e-mail address (the e-mail PayPal has on file for your account). That was the source of all my confusion. Now that I did that, I was able to edit my listings. Lo and behold, the PayPal option is there.

And guess of you just bought one of my book thongs using PayPal. Thank you so very, very much!

Check out my shop. Per the advice of others from another post I made yesterday, my purse prices are going up on Monday!

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