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making your shop stand out

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:37 pm Mar 11, 2006 EST
so....i'm curious with the influx of do you make your shop stand out from the crowd? I'm sort of struggling along and looking for some suggestions on this....

given that a largely make something that quite a few people sell here what can i do to stand out?

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:48 pm Mar 11, 2006 EST
Your shop looks really pretty and I love the purple and champagne pouch! I'd say pass out cards and get alot of browsers. Its the numbers that make a difference. Your items are well made. Maybe leave some cards at the local stores where you shop. I have some cards at the corner store in my neighborhood and am thinking of asking my friends at another store too.
Castle I think you must be in a hard category. There really is a lot of ppl selling yarn and at such various prices. I cant wait to get my yarn from you!!
Good question. I would like to know the answer as well!
Seems to me that anything a little naughty gets lots of attention, but I don't think that suits the style of either of us!
I think you just have to get out there and sell your stuff! I joined to try promote my stuff but it's so big that I felt rather lost and rarely use it. But I know it really works for some!
Do you do craft shows or markets? Or supply any galleries or shops? That seems to work for some sellers and I hope to try it once I build up more stock - perhaps in the fall.
Business cards are another way of promoting your shop. If you do any shows or sales, make sure you hand them out. And leave them anywhere else that's appropriate - buletin boards for that type of thing, give them to friends & family (several so that they can pass them on to their friends!). Perhaps if you frequent a particular restaurant or coffee shop they will allow you to leave a stack of cards on the counter.
PS I'm almost done the gloves for my shop - I'll be promoting you there for sure ;)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:37 pm Mar 11, 2006 EST
yeah naughty is right out for me

i want to sell serious stuff
or not sell anything i guess
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:42 pm Mar 11, 2006 EST
i was more looking for generic suggestions for anyone?
Mentioned in the thread about blogging... if you belong to any online "communities" (yahoo groups, other forums) ---and if you don't, then considering joining one or more-- those are a great place to add your info in a signature line. So if you're into gardening or pets or whatever, chances are good that someone there will be interested in what you're selling.
Of course, then you have to invest the time to be part of that community so you can spread the word, but I think it's an unobtrusive way to "stand out"; and from what I've seen, it works!
Best wishes!
oh, yeah, meant to add this: when you create a sig line, make your Etsy link clickable, if possible. If not, make it as short (and memorable) as possible. E.g. " --A Good Yarn" None of that http and www stuff... ;-)
stick your store link as a signature in your emails (preferably a short little reference, nothing lengthy). Also, promote via word-of-mouth. I'm tickled to have done decently over the past few weeks of being a member.

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