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Is this allowed?

Help. I have a store on where I sell t-shirts and other items. I don't acutually make them but I create them. I create the design and then upload it for sale on whatever product I desire. It is work, and your creation, your design, is what sells the t-shirt or whatever. I would love to have them on Etsy, but what is the limit of handmade?>

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:20pm Mar 17, 2006 EST
I think you're asking if personally designed, but not hand produced is acceptable. If you design a graphic, but outsource the printing can it be sold here? I'd like to know that also because I have some friends that have asked.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:22pm Mar 17, 2006 EST
I asked a similar question. I took the picture, but I have the print made professionally, as well as (coming soon) puzzles and mugs and other neat stuff with my photography on it.

The conclusion was that it is allowed so long as its your artwork/logo/design.
yes, i think that would work...because you had a hand in making part of it, i dont see a difference between the items you are asking about and say, a print of a painting! :) good question though :)
Great question, and I don't see a problem :) Better ask the Etsy admin to make sure though!
Good question! I also have a store at Cafepress and was wondering the exact same thing. :)
So how does that work anyway? You sell the Cafe Press item in your Etsy shop, then take that money and buy the item from Cafe Press & get your measly percentage? (I'm aware that CP doesn't pay very much at all)

I would think that this site would encourage you to take your stuff off sites like Cafe Press, do the creative process yourself (however you see fit) and then list them here.

I'd much rather support each seller as opposed to 3rd party 'production' companies. :)
I have also opened a Cafe Press store, for me it is a bit of an experiment, with nothing to lose if I don't sell one thing. I do not think the range of items there give me enough creative leeway.

If you are doing designs, lets say on t-shirts for example, why not find your own supplier, and buy them wholesale, I am sure it would be less than the CP base price.

The name of the game in business is to make a profit, and one of the ways you can do that is to keep your operating costs, and supplies, as low as possible.

It is true, you are not going to make a fortune there, maybe not here either, you might do decently on CP if you were selling super high volume. They obviously do, and their costs are low, because they make to order, no leftovers, no having to guess the market.

I think Etsy is a different approach, it is like a breath of fresh air, and personally, I never intend to mix the two.
I don't see how you could list them here, unless you bought them yourself from cafe press and then sold them to someone here at a higher price. Also, in my experience, those prints are very bad quality and I would never buy from them agin, so I'd be unhappy to buy a shirt from you and learn that it was printed by cafe press.

It can be expensive to have shirts made by a screen printing company because of the quantity you have to buy, but the quality will be so much better and your per shirt cost will be lower. Just keep the number of colors low. I've seen one color prints for as low as $2-3. The brand and color of shirts makes a big difference in price as well.

Here's a couple of places that are reputable and relatively cheap.

Making real photo emulsion screens yourself isn't really that hard, especially if you are only making one color prints. If you are making multiple color prints you need to make a hinged easel and it can be tough to get your registation correct.

If you want to make your own simple screen without photo chemicals:
I don't think there is a problem with you having your materials printed by someone else, but I know there has to be a source for less expensive and higher quality items. I had a shop awhile ago, and was very disappointed by all of the products I ordered. I wouldn't want to buy something here knowing it came from Cafe Press.

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