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Ways to battle spring fever and stay productive?

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I have the opposite problem- Dreary weather and darkness makes me much less productive craft-wise. When it is sunny and beautiful outside, I open my blinds in my craft room and get to work! When it is dreary I just get depressed and watch TV or literally lie on the floor and whine about how much I hate the weather. I've always been far easier to get along with and far more productive in the summertime. I think I read 75 books in the 4 weeks off I had last summer... Ha! :)

Kate, can you open your blinds, open your windows, take your crafts to a park with you, go on a picnic and take your drawing tools, get in a cool car and go for a ride and draw while you ride, just craft at night, get together with friends and take a big tent out to a field and craft in the tent.... ???

I know so well what you mean - though to me spring seems to bring tons and tons of ideas and it makes me dream and stare at the distance and just keeps making me distracted even when I do decide to start working and concentrating on working...

But then, when it gets a little bit warmer I suppose I have a very good excuse to just get outside and spend time there instead of anything else. Right now the spring is just in a colder phase with lots of daylight - which should be ideal for crafting, mmm. Maybe I'll start to concentrate TOMORROW... :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:46 pm Mar 28, 2006 EST
nah. My work doesn't lend itself to being carried anywhere, and I have a serious back injury so just trying to bring something somewhere could *really* threaten my productivity.

I think I WILL be bringing my business books out to some park to read outside. But still... focusing on biz books when there are people to watch?? Challenging. ;)

I wish the battery on my laptop had a longer power supply. It only lasts 2 hours.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:18 pm Mar 28, 2006 EST
i'm going to richmond this weekend porch-sitting and drinking in the daytime here i come!!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:19 pm Mar 28, 2006 EST
duh, so right now i have to get to work.
I make little kits that I can take with me (since I do bead stuff it's pretty easy and portable). then I can just go hang out any old place and work.

I just took a bunch of buttons on the train when I went out of town this weekend and ended up with some cool new button jewelry made by the end of the trip! Then when I had some time to kill over the weekend I went to a cafe, got out my little bead kit and knocked out a few pairs of earrings.

since you're a journal maker, kateblack, I'm sure you already do this, but I also just spend time with my artist's journal/sketchbook brainstorming designs for metal clay and polymer clay pendants, or to map out jewelry construction. I can take the journal anywhere, and it's relatively low key and easy--just doodling, but sometimes a good idea comes out of it.
Well as soon as winter decides to go away, it seems set on staying though, the spinning wheel and I are going outside!

Until then though, there are always books on tape!

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