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Newbie needs help... I can't find a way to upload a banner

Well the title just about says it all.

Why can't I figure out how to upload a banner? I've searched this forum and my Etsy profile set up page. Please help me!!

I'm sorry if this is some really simple thing that I should be seeing but just can't find.

Thanks in advance,

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It's under Your Etsy, then under Shop Setup, the Appearance link.
Actually, I just noticed you're a buyer, but not yet a seller. You'll have to be a seller to have this option. Click on the Sell link above to get started.
Welcome to Etsy!
I love your avatar - can't wait to see the toys you make! :-)
Hi - I'm a new seller and having the same problem as Tomtemama. When I try to post my banner all I get is the browse button. When I try to upload my banner there is no button showing an upload option.

Is this something like a "lock" on uploading a banner, etc. if I didn't do it at the time I submitted my first listing? If anyone knows the answer, I would be so glad to hear from you. Thank you. Pat
Patricia, your problem is different than Tomtemama.

After you browse for your banner, scroll down toward the bottom of your page and click Save Changes.

Welcome to all! :-)
choose a photo u have taken and hit browse...choose a picture from your pictures on "My Pictures" and it will adjust to needed size when u upload / or at least mine did:) good luck:)
Thanks to all for the help and welcomes :).

I got the banner figured out. I am in the process of creating the toys to sell in the shop. They will come slowly but surely I hope.
Thanks to Loosewire Studio and to ljpbeads for your help. Works like a charm......and I had been so frustrated. I figured that because I had not submitted a banner yet that the SAVE CHANGES was not applicable. Guess I need to start thinking like a computer. I appreciaate your help so much!!! :)

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