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This is how you can pay with Credit card through paypal.

Hi etsyians
I put up a series of screen photos on flcikr as I think I lost a customer who just gave up because they did not know how to pay with a credit card through paypal, so I hope this helps.
~~~Refer to Step 4-6 for to direct buyers on how to pay with credit card. They do not need to sign up to paypal.

The links are screenshots of what happens with each step.

Step1 Choose product.

Step3. Confirm Address

Step4. Choose Payment Method as PAYPAL. Can pay with Credit Card Later

Step5. Click Button that says Pay with PAYPAL. Can pay with credit card later.

Step6 : You can choose Credit Card Payment

Step7 : You fill in the credit card info.

Apologies if the ones on flickr were not too clear but I hope this helps:)


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bookmarking -- thanks
Great! thanks for posting this. I hope lots of confused buyers see this
This would be great to add to the newbies guide! Thanks!
Thanks Nature. Bookmarking in case needed in future.
You have no idea how bad I needed this page this morning!
I had a buyer try to order something, I tried to explain to her that she could use a credit card w/o having paypal. No matter how I explained she just could not get it!!!!! She got so mad she left me NEGATIVE feedback!!!!! (don't bother checking to see who it is, Etsy wiped it away for me - thanks guys)!!!

I am so happy about this page, thank you so very much!
I will use it everytime for all of my new customers!!!!!

thank you , thank you, THANK YOU!!
Thanks! Bookmarking.
Sea Find Designs
I am sorry that Happened to u, I had a customer who bought and wanted to pay with credit card and wanted so much for the persom to understand how it was done. It was not until I actually went through the steps that I realise how 'confusing' it can be for customers too:)
I hope I don get potential negative feedback too from a customer because I must have convoed numerous times to explain the procedure:)
Just glad this helps, and hopefully this bring sales to us all.

Feel free to use it:)
thank you!

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