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I'm a little confused about collectives. I'm getting some help with making stick lip balms and because of that I'm not sure if I can still sell them on Etsy.

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:21 am Oct 12, 2007 EDT
What kind of help?
labeling and creating... eek.
Check the dos and don'ts and terms of service. There's good info there. :-)
yeh i was reading through the selling faq and i was just like ahhh so much info
From the Do's and Don'ts:

"Do sell items handmade by a Collective of which you are a member. A Collective is a group of people who know each other personally and make things together: either sharing a studio space and/or sharing knowledge.
All items must be produced in a small scale quantity, not mass-produced. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Etsy's staff.
The person listing the items on Etsy must be a part of the group and know the Collective's members personally.
A Collective is not an employer paying many people to produce products in large quantities.
Listing items on behalf of someone you personally know, who is unable to list items without your help, may be deemed a Collective. This is determined on a case-by-case basis; contact prior to listing for approval. "
Is it a situation where someone you know is helping you or are you "outsourcing" the work in some way?
yea - i think what im doing is not with the policy. im not going to risk it ;-)
Traditionally a collective is a non-hierarchical group of equals working together on a common goal.
Secret, thanks. Yea, I think we're equals but I'm not sure that we're working together enough to make it a collective.

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