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Collective Shops...OK?

Where I live there are a lot of wonderful craftspersons. We also only have highspeed in town, and dial-up (yeah, I know crazy hey?) everywhere else. Well we all get together for chats sometimes, exchange ideas etc. When I told a few people that I was on etsy they typically say "I wish I could too, but I have dial up...and that would make everything too time consuming.

So my question is could I set up a collective artist shop for all my dial-up crafty friends?

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the etsy rules say that collectives are considered on a case by case basis, so you need to contact admin for a definitive answer

basically the people involved have to know each other and have an on-going relationship

but there are many people on etsy who only have dial-up so they could give it a go themselves
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:33 pm Jan 27, 2008 EST
I don't see why not (but I could certainly be wrong!) It would be up to you and your friends to figure out the fees and such, but I honestly don't see where having a collective shop would be against the rules. You would have to be careful, though, since your isp would be assosciated with the shop and hence anything that goes wrong would be on your shoulders, not theirs.

Just out of curiosity, why can't they do it themselves on dial up? There are Etsians who are on dial up here.
From the Do's and Dont's, I'd have to say it's okay if you're actually real-life friends who do swap ideas and get crafty together:

*Do sell items handmade by a Collective of which you are a member.

A Collective is a group of people who know each other personally and make things together: either sharing a studio space **and/or sharing knowledge.** (my emphasis)

All items must be produced in a small scale quantity, not mass-produced. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Etsy's staff. (Email Etsy's Admins to get permission.)

The person listing the items on Etsy must be a part of the group and know the Collective's members personally.
A Collective is not an employer paying many people to produce products in large quantities.

Listing items on behalf of someone you personally know, who is unable to list items without your help, may be deemed a Collective. This is determined on a case-by-case basis; contact prior to listing for approval. girl had an etsy shop and said with the dial up it was frustrating (loading pictures) and it often dropped. So if we had an official collective here in our town, then it may be ok?
thanks! I'll talk to my friends more about it, maybe get a bit more organized on this end of things.
Just email the Etsy Admin a short explanation of who y'all are and how you intend to use the Collective shop, and get approval. :) Should be fine, given what you've said of the situation. You don't have to be an "official collective" in your town, just on Etsy.
Great! Thanks a lot for the info!
We're new at this and technically not a collective. But my Twinnie and I share this shop. We have "ours" (magnets that we do together) and "mine" and "hers". It works out well, but I have to say that someone needs to be right on top of the bookkeeping.

The PayPal account is in my name and linked to my bank account. So I have to keep track of what sells for whom. The Etsy fees and PayPal fees come off the top, so I have to figure percentages of what's left. All money goes to my account, then I pay her.

Good luck!
twinnieart...thanks! I'm actually a bookkeeper by day and have been thinking of those logistics too.

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