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Fair Trade and Reseller Thread

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Hmmmm... from these posts, I would question the value of the Town Hall initiative. Yea, its cute and fun and all that, but I would be leary about using it to judge the sentiment of the people or even as an effective method of communication.

The time slot is definitely "western-hemisphere-east-centric".

Da eart, she jus' keep goin' round n round! :-)
I am most interested in a survey of the community that would include both shop owners and buyers. Also, I like etsy because it's NOT like those other places . . . .
I favor a community wide survey that includes shop owners AND buyers. Also, I prefer etsy because it's NOT like those other sites . . . . . .
OOps. Pardon my triple post :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:42 pm Apr 19, 2006 EDT
Definitely in favor of a survey of all members. Personally I'm okay with supplies. And with vintage because it can be repurposed. And I'm all for handmade coops. Not so much for general reselling. It seems to me that it circumvents the independent ethic that I love about Etsy.

I think a survey would be a great idea, please explain the different terms (fair trade, reseller, etc.) in what it would be defined as on Etsy.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:58 pm Apr 19, 2006 EDT
I think a survey would be more efficient and more accurate. People are more honest when they have a more private, confidential way of speaking up.

Town Hall is awesome, and so much fun, but doesn't it hold only 90 slots? And of course, it's very time sensitive and really only convenient for people on the eastern seaboard. Even the midwesterners may be commuting home from their dayjobs at 7pm!

I'd also like to see solid, defined versions of what the terms "reseller" "fair trade" and other pertinent terms mean. With no legal, universal definition of what conditions must be met for handicrafts to be called "fair trade", how can any ol' factory-buying reseller be differentiated from a reseller who calls themselves "fair trade" ?
Sorry to get in this so late... but I finally got around to reading the minutes for the last town-hall, and I was thinking that maybe an idea for vintage/fair-trade/commercial supplies/not self made/etc is that the listing/selling percentage would be higher...I think that save for the 'not knowing who made it' issue, I realized that I'm upset that middlemen/middlewomen are taking advantage of the low percentages, as a cost control tool.

Anyway thanks for listening, and I'm glad that the minutes were much easier to read this time.. ;-)

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