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lately i am losing my mind.
i am obsessed, so of course i checked the top 100 sellers list, i was very upset not to see brightonmoon. but realized there had just been an avatar change.
is this change your avatar month??

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I won't be changing mine, though I have been tempted to change it to this;
that one is nice.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:36am Apr 19, 2006 EDT
So true. I'm one of those people who never forgets a face but...forgets your name as soon as you introduce yourself. All the changing avatars are really confusing me. They're nice, but still confusing.
change is good. keeps people on their toes.

this one will probably stay because its the same as my business card. I don't know why I didn't use it right from the beginning.

but I might change it again someday. never say never.
im always afraid that if I change mine, people wont recognize me anymore...( alot of people recognize me then....hmmm...)
I was kind of hoping ppl wouldn't recognize me when I changed mine! LOL
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:42am Apr 19, 2006 EDT
I've been thinking about changing mine. I change my haircolor and cut so often that I don't think my avatar pic even looks like me anymore. :)
Personally I love your new avatar mLee. I vote to keep it.

sugarlumps, like you the visual I remember, the name I often forget. And on an ecommerce website, that is often true; especially with artists who are mostly right brain (visual) people.

There are often good reasons to change an avatar but just remember that in our situation, changing one's avatar is akin to changing one's logo. Consider it carefully because for some time, you will be, in effect, *unbranding* yourself.
gNeebo, your shop is awesome! By your mouth-watering avatar, I went looking for chocolate drop cookies , but who needs cookies when there's such groovy jewelry to salivate over :o)

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