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New site header

We just widened Etsy’s header, and here’s an explanation of the changes we made.

Why redesign?

Our goal was to create a cleaner, lighter, friendlier header.

We’re in the process of widening the site, so we needed a header that could work well at both 760px (current) and 980px (forthcoming). The existing header looks quite silly when stretched out to 980px, so we decided to redesign it, as opposed to just stretching what we have now.

What changed?

Working our way from left to right...

A cleaner cart icon, with green items inside. This green references the green of the Add to Cart button.

A smaller Etsy logo, to further shift the viewer’s attention to the page content, and make our branding less pronounced.

We changed “Custom” to “Request” in the nav. This imperative verb nests better alongside the two others to its left, Buy and Sell. Also, in a sense, the majority of items on Etsy are custom made, so the “custom” moniker for Alchemy always seems a bit misplaced.

- We moved the Your Etsy link up to the topmost section of the header, where it belongs. (This will require a little bit of getting used to, for those accustomed to clicking it in the main nav.)

We applied cleaner styles to the drop down menu, and integrated the dropdown selection with the search bar. We replaced the button that reads “Search” with a cute little magnifying glass icon.

We removed the link to Advanced Search from the header. Less than 0.2% of visits click this link, and our goal is to have much more powerful filtering on the search results page itself. You can still get to Advanced Search from the Buy page, and we’ll be adding a link to the results page shortly.

- We removed the Facebook link from our header. While we do plan on deeper integration with Facebook, having it up our main site header was the wrong solution. It added no functionality to the majority of pages on Etsy. Facebook Connect is live on Etsy, and you can read more about it in this forum post:

You’ll also notice that we removed the tagline from our homepage. Our usability tests have shown that very, very few people even notice this tagline. It remains in the page title itself for now, though we are also in the process of changing it to better embrace vintage and supplies.

We are of course still committed to handmade!

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Yeah, mines just all screwed up. Did the changes roll out for everyone?
I thought I'd gone nuts - but I guess I'll get used to the change. Very happy about the tagline change though.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:29pm Mar 8, 2010 EST
The Etsy logo blocks the forum section titles, someone might want to check that out.
I love it! Thank you!
ahhh widening the site sounds good!!
I like the new header look, but when I go from page to page, or refresh the current page, it gets fubar.
But it's broken! The search bar is gone, and the orange Etsy box is covering things up!
love it!
My shop that is open in firefox looks great, love the new look. This shop is IE and the top is all crazy, is there a reason for that?

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