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Tag your Treasury lists and more!

Hi all,

Treasury East, where members create curated lists of items, has been growing fast and furious. Today we're happy to announce two new features members have been asking for, and the graduation of Treasury East from "beta" and the East.

First, the features:

1. Tags!

You can now add tags to Treasury lists you create.

To add tags to a Treasury list, go to and click the "Create one!" button to start a new list. On the right side of the list creation page you will see an area for adding tags, one at a time. You can also add tags to Treasury lists you've already created -- just go to a list you've created and click 'Edit.'

When viewing a Treasury list with tags, you can click a tag to be taken a page with all the Treasury lists that contain that tag, sorted by hotness. Treasury tag pages become landing pages. This should not only make Treasury more fun for curators (who will create the hottest wedding-themed Treasury list? The top vintage list? Which Etsy Team will have the best Treasury tag page?), but it will improve the shopping experience as well. Treasury tags will help harness the power of all the curating the community is doing now.

We think there are lots of interesting ways to use Treasury tags, and we'll be watching their usage closely. Expect this feature to evolve rapidly.

2. Privacy (if you want it)

Sometimes you want to take your time creating a Treasury list, and keep it to yourself for a while before showing the world. It would be nice to be able to start a list the moment inspiration strikes and then come back to it later to put the finishing touches on before unveiling. Now you can, with private lists.

To mark a list you've created as private, so that only you can see it, select the "Only you" option under Privacy on the right side of the list edit screen and click the 'Save' button.

This setting will add a small lock icon next to the title of your list. Whenever you see a list with that lock icon, you'll know you're looking at a private list you've created. You can change this setting at any time and make the list public again.

The new Treasury has gone global and is no longer confined to the East. The Treasury section of Etsy's DOs and DON'Ts ( ) has been updated to reflect this. Watch this space for updates, as we're about to switch to a higher gear. The Treasury will continue to evolve fast and be integrated in a lot of exciting ways into Etsy at large. Feedback and ideas are always welcome. Our goal is to support and empower the curators of Etsy.

Next up: search!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please post in this thread.


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Oh man that is so exciting. I can't wait I have thought that would be really helpful :)
Awesome! Thanks I'm going to try out the new tag feature now. Very much looking forward to search.
Fabulous! :]
Thanks for the update!
thanks for keeping this evolving!
Question: If I tag my treasury as "golden" and someone clicks on the tag, will they be taken to just treasuries tagged "golden" or will they see ones tagged with "gold" or "olden" too?

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