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What does the name 'etsy' stand for?

I'm sure this is on this site somewhere. I often miss things that are right in front of my face. I would guess the letters stand for something. If not, what does the name mean? I'd like to be able to tell people when I direct them to this site. Thanks.

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Etsy has never explained this, and the founders refused to do so when asked on various occasions.

My assumption is 'a four letter pronounceable domain name that was available in 2005'. It's common these days for websites to choose names that start out as meaningless. I don't think it actually has a meaning as a word other than to describe this website.
i agree with juln. it's important to have a short domain name.
and maybe because it was similar to ebay.
i think it measn something in Greek...
Not a lot
something to do with someone named Betsy....
haha! I so hope this is true.
Here's the answer from the Help section...

'What does the word "Etsy" mean?

It's truly a mystery; Etsy's founders rarely give the same answer twice to this question.'
So it's like, "Who is Victoria of Victoria's Secret?"..... Who IS etsy?
it's a made up word.
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in the nightline interview, rob was asked that question and told the interviewer that the name etsy started out as his online shop he was going to start to sell his handmade furniture. now, he never said what it meant, so add this answer to all of the others.

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