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A new header just for you

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NiftySupplies says

April already creating a nicely designed one in Publisher right now! I am going to ensure to limit my use of clipart, numbers, and gray. I want it to be a bold RED that says Buy and Come Now!

awesome! yep, clipart is yucky, good to use your own stuff!
now, how do I find my post to this board?
The blue box was a false alarm! Oh my I see what is being talked about with the buy button. It took me another 15 mins to find the category listings! Oh I am starting to lose words to describe these intense emotions I feel. Let me put it into a song I can familiarize with...

"highway to h..."
what does the mark/unmark button do?
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:25 pm Feb 24, 2011 EST
I'm getting really tired of these unnecessary changes just for the heck of it.
calilayla to mark the thread so you can go back and follow it.
I like it! Very nice look and feel IMHO.

And the improvements on the favorites page is great! I've always hated all the scrolling I had to do when I wanted to clean up and delete favorites. I'm hoping that this is leading up to a way to arrange and organize them too??
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:26 pm Feb 24, 2011 EST
well, it's always something, isn't it :)

I don't do FB, (I know, I know - one of the only ones who don't I'm sure) but wonder if this is more like FB in design ??? That would figure.

Not too sure that a customer will get the little emblems - it seems we get more stripped down all the time. Stripped of explanations & more intuitive, I guess.

Did the pics also get smaller ? It feels like they did somehow.

It also feels like the colors of my listing pics & banner are lighter.

Pics on My Account page seem smaller, too.

...maybe it's just me.
Must be my imagination.
Icons are better. Most sites are going to HTML5 to be better viewed on tablets. It's smart of Etsy to go to recognizable icons over font.
I agree, we'll be adding color to the icons soon.

Why icons in the first place? It would have taken up far too much horizontal space to write out Activity - Conversations - Favorite - Shop, plus adding counts for each to show new actions. And that's just in English -- we're working on other languages as well, and in German those words are twice as long.

Why move things around? We took what people click on the most in the header and put it in main section. Hardly anyone clicked on the buy, sell, community, and blog links. (Buyers find items using search, not by clicking a link that says "buy.")

It was also very important to make the shopping cart much more obvious. For those in this thread questioning how these changes will help buying, this is a big improvement over the tiny (by comparison) link before.

There are more improvements to be made here, this is but one step.

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