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Close Your Shop, Change Your Shop Name, and One Account With Multiple Shops

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I've wanted to change my shop name to LEFTZ for awhile so not to confuse buyers.. awhile back I registered Will I still be able to switch it over when the time comes? Or will the other account have to be closed first?
Oh goody! I can't wait to link up a new shop. I've been waiting for these features to roll out!

Thanks tech guys, and stuff!
ParisOnSunday says

Nice....This will make it a lot easier on some folks. I assume that shops will not be able to use/obtain a name already in use?


That's right.
Yippee! Thanks for working on some much asked-for improvements!
This is great, as I'm considering opening two more shops!
leannbutler says

This is great! That's the problem I have, I opened my account as a buyer and wasn't able to change my name for my shop. I can't wait for this to take effect! But I was wondering, can I change the name of my existing shop, or will I have to close it and open a new shop under a new name? And if so, would I be able to move item listings between multiple shops?


You will be able to change the name of your existing shop.
Ok...heres a question ;)

If we will eventually be able to manage multiple shops with one account, will the feedback reflect the account holder or the individual shop?

For example - If I buy supplies, will the person I purchase from be leaving feedback for my ACCOUNT, or my SHOP (of which I will have multiples)

I know, I'm an over-thinker LOL
This is great news! Thank you for the update!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:11 am Mar 9, 2011 EST
Nice! this will be very useful :D
thanks etsy! Hopefully people will see you DO care about and listen to us!!

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