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Close Your Shop, Change Your Shop Name, and One Account With Multiple Shops

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Actually... it was first promised even longer ago than that.

And in case Etsy thinks there is not enough interest...
I just can't believe this hasn't gotten any acknowledgement from admin in about 8 months now. The least they could do is assure us that they are in fact working on it.

A timeline would be great as a lot of us plan on using this feature when it comes out and it's hard to really plan the future of your business when you have no idea when you'll be able to do this.
Yup... planning... hard to do.
darn, I was really hoping that the planned outage today was so they could work on this.
I am so glad that I will be able to change the name of my shop. Because I misunderstood when I opened it and thought I needed a seller's name and a shop name. So I ended up with "bellesgirl" for my shop name and it makes no sense whatsoever.
I am looking forward to the announcement.

Pat, we currently can change our shop name once. Have you changed yours at all yet? This is under the "shop name" tab under "info and appearance" under "shop settings".
Giving this a push - so many people would love this to happen sooner rather than later!
yea, we are only waiting for multiple shops under one account now
Tara from Tarapparel says Edited on Jun 16, 2012



Ready for this Change! I have been wanting to open another shop have been waiting to be able to combine accts........... any word?
Really, really, really, really want to be able to manage shops in ONE place, Etsy. I've shut down *three* shops because it IS a hassle to juggle two+ shops at one time (have to use different emails, have to login and logout, etc.).

Admin would love to hear if there is any update on the final feature you originally mentioned - the ability to have more than one shop under one account!

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