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1. If I wanted people to know my name, I'd put it in my profile.

2. Most of us aren't so special we'll be found or shopped via our names. We're not Macy's

3. Way to go, exposing the divorced parent who is trying to make a living or extra cash on the side. Hope no one gets "found" and hurt over this.
(Your name won't be searchable unless you put it in your profile, which you have done.)
Hi folks,

Thanks for all the feedback. We have some improvements coming very shortly that will improve the relevance and findability of sellers and shops within People Search. We'll also be renaming the dropdown item to "People & Shops" to make sure that folks looking for a shop know they can use this feature to find it.

Beyond that, we are working on better ways to both find and discover shops beyond people search.

mirthmarket says

BKMHattitude - I use the favorite shops feature when creating treasuries. I can't really think of any other use for it. I don't mind everything on the drop down menu as long as there is a shop search as well.

Noted I always just go though my shop my favorties are there unless they are taking those away or putting them elsewhere. I agree we do need the shop option that is more important than the favorites as that you can get though your shop does not make since. Maybe they are doing this all on purpose obviously they must have thought it through. Honestly how can a person survive here if you cant be found and if you are not going to be seen on the front page no ticker exposure and good luck with the front page Treasury thing that is really difficult now with the 200K treasurys that never expire. This change has really got me down :(
Sorry Gregg, unless this becomes an opt-in I don't think folks are going to be happy about it.
I have come to realize that I am invisible, but I have one last thing to say...

The forums were dismantled because there was too much whining (according to Etsy), that scared off many forum posters.

Today I am seeing more seller names than I have ever seen before.

Etsy, do you not realize what you have done has brought out those who were afraid to speak before and are now speaking out? This should give you a clue.

The forums today are no different than they were when you tried so hard to get rid of the posters who didn't like what was happening and spoke out.

Today you have a "whole" new set of posters saying the same thing.

What you are doing to this site is beyond words. Spoken from previous muted posters to the current posters saying the same thing.

Please read, actually read and learn from it Etsy.

It is becoming and soon too late to go back. You have slowly been losing what sellers are left to believe in you.
so- Etsy put in a useless (imo) way to look for people, but it is working backwards???

le sigh...
Thank you Gregg for responding. Can you make that change NOW
I am invisible I tell ya :)
Thanks for popping on, Gregg. When should we be expecting the email that will let people know that their profile name is now searchable- even by people that are not registered users- so people can have their names removed if they choose to? Y'know- since this wasn't disclosed when people added their names (some added them without even knowing they'd be on their profile since the new registration doesn't make that clear.)

I hope it's soon- before anyone loses their job or gets hurt because of it. These are real concerns.

Seriously- when are you sending the notification?
Hello! This seems very cumbersome to me. To find a shop or seller (not a "person") I type in their shop name and get the avatar. the only way to get to the shop from there is to click on the grayed out tiny print name. Not intuitive to me to click on something grayed out. Was much faster and more straight forward before to look up a seller and be taken directly to the shop.

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