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Glass pipes ban????

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uniqueartpendants says

Ages ago I used to work at a store that sold pipes here in Minneapolis. Not sure - but there could be some legal issues. In MN you can only sell pipes to people who are over 18. Maybe that has something to do with it. Etsy can't really prove anyone who uses the site is 18 (even though they're supposed to be)???

I think that is a valid point. I'm pretty sure in all states you have to be 18 to purchase pipes...because they are, eh, tobacco pipes and you have to be 18 to purchase tobacco.

Unless they could control age-restricted purchases, then really its a valid call. don't have to be 21 to purchase wine glasses...anywhere. hmm, weird.
actually, that's a bs explanation.
pipes are still allowed, certain kinds.
So after all the raging I've done, I'd like to say that etsy remains the only place that I have with access to so many people.That's priceless in my little world, even with the new enforcement in place! I would be COMPLETELY lost as far as online sales go, without them. They are the proverbial hand that feeds me.
This is beyond ridiculous. I might also point out that-- for the people who insist that ALL glass pipes are "drug pipes"-- Medicinal Marijuana is FULLY LEGAL in many states (including mine). Is Etsy now discriminating against people with medical conditions? Many of these people rely on online shopping because they are simply too sick to leave their homes. Etsy is the largest artist collective marketplace for them... this is complete and utter nonsense.
Also, where can we find the official wording on this proposed ban? I'm finding conflicting reports. Is it just a ban on water-pipes and things with carbs? Or is it all tobacco pipes?
It is completely there right to monitor what is on this site. However I don't feel like they handled it in the fairest manner.

I was never notified about the change, and have had to liquidate the items that I made that catered to the audience in the last 2 days, only after stumbling upon a thread I found here.

When I first started selling pipes here, I made sure to look up the do's and dont's that they had posted. Following their guidelines I saw that Paraphernalia and Tobacco were banned from the site. I understood this as Paraphernalia: something that is used soley to ingest drugs, and Tobacco: meaning literal tobacco, were the things banned specifically from the site.

Judging that the company is based out of Brooklyn, New York, I assumed they were following New York State law that allows glass pipes, if sold as Tobacco pipes. That is why there are thousands of legally operating stores that sell glass pipes in New York. I was further comforted that they literally had a "Glass Pipe" section.

To say Etsy isn't changing the rules, rather that the hundreds of sellers selling Glass pipes here over the last few years have somehow been cheating it, I find to be a little distatestful. I made it clear what I had been selling for the last year, and talked to customer service multiple times, who obviously knew what I was selling.

I really have enjoyed getting to meet people from around the world and having a way to spread what I do to them. Etsy really made that possible in a way that I hadn't been able to do on such a personable basis before. I just wish that they had said, look we are sorry but we aren't allowing these products anymore and we have changed our policy, not trying to act like they hadn't known about the thousands of items listed here.
What is a carb?
p1xie says Edited on Mar 15, 2011

StitchesByKryss says

So, wineglasses are also being banned on Etsy? I mean, alcohol is a drug, right?
I would say it is a legal drug though.


But alcohol is only legal to those 21 and over. Will Etsy allow someone under 21 to buy a wine glass, especially since its purpose would be for consuming alcohol, which is *not* legal to someone under 21?
Sincerely I view those pipes are glass work and work of art, not drug whatnots.

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