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how to post treasury on facebook

I was featured in someone's treasury and would like to post it on my facebook page. Can someone tell me how to copy the treasury to facebook (with the pictures)?

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there is a facebook link on the treasury.
You can also get an add on to your browser that will take a screenshot of the treasury. Save the shot to your photo editor, crop it if you want to and post it to FB as a photo with the treasury URL in your comment.

just to the right of the bottom row
"f like" button
The "f like" button is great if you're in a hurry, but it doesn't let you choose which image you want to show on FB - automatically shows one item, not the entire treasury.
I liked the facebook button and it posted on my personal wall then I shared it. It posted the entire treasury list. I would like to put it on my circa1955vintage facebook page however so I may have to get the add on to my browser like roughmagiccreations suggested. Can you tell me how to do that by chance?
I usually just copy and paste the link into my facebook page... and then select the most "compelling" thumbnail that I want to use.
There was..last week ...a 'FB' button that made it so easy to share, and now it is not there. Now, instead there is the 'FB like' button, so I guess that is an option of sorts.

I copy and paste to post to FB. Cheers!
circa, if you're using Firefox as your browser, choose Tools from your main menu bar > add ons > search for Screen Capture. I'm using Screen Capture Elite, but there may be a newer version out there. Hope it works for you.
Thank you for all of your help!!

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