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Some infor for sellers of pricier Handbags.

I thought I would pass this on. I don't know if this is too expensive, but I was shopping at Old Navy yesterday, and in their clearance section they have these bags with the coolest leather wrapped handles ever. They are marked down to 9.99! I bought the goofy bag only because I LOVED the handle.

I know with jewelry I'll always look at the clearance bucket at trendy clothing shops in case there's a necklace that I can strip and use pieces of. I've had good luck finding neato stuff that way.

Yeah, just thought I'd mention the NEATO handles!

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Heh, im always getting bits of jewelery and pulling it to bits to get at something I wanted :) Neat idea with the handles.
I no longer buy jewelry because I tear it apart and creat a milloin other things out of it. Then those things get torn apart and made into a million other things until I no longer have any thing I want to wear.
Duh, million
I know what you mean loopity, I am a handbag junky!. I buy one and carry it for a month and then I'm ready for another one. That's one of the reasons why I started making my own. I make myself a "tester" first and carry it for a month before I make one to sell. If only I could sell those too. I could call them tester totes & sell them cheap since they are still in like new condition, just to get them out of my house, lol. My closet is starting to look like a handbag dept. Great tip on the handles.

I was just at old navy today too and my friend I was with bought one of those bags! The handle is really cool!

I do the same thing with jewelry!!!!

Lora, I love that idea of selling the "used" bags as testers at a discount. I bet people would totally buy them up!
thanx for the tip!
I LOVE the idea of selling those bags at a discounted price too! :)

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