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BEWARE of Buyers stating " I am an agent interested in immediate purchase of item "

If you get a buyer wanting to purchase a n item and pay iwth a cashiers or money order for more than the correct amount only to have you send them back the extra money as a "commssion" , be aware that this is a scam. I signed up to sell something on this site and was imeadiately approached to do this. I found on the internet where this is a scam for people trying to pass off phony checks and have you send money back to them and then they cancel the check as a fraud.

Check out this link for further information

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Thanks for the heads up!
Why do there have to be evil people in this world? I just got this type of request and I responded to it with the following:

Hello Rita,

Due to the unfortunate concern with the Check Overpayment Scam, I need more details from you to ensure that this is not a fraudulent inquiry.

Country, Your Location. Nothing will be shipped until money is successfully cashed.

Thank you for your understanding.
I also informed of this issue... is the one that contacted me with the "agent" message.
I just received this inquiry today asking to purchase my Happy New Year Rainstick Necklace and was suspicious because it seemed she was making this more complicated than it had to be, as the terms are spelled out in my shop. It appears she hasn't even read the listing. I generally do take Money Orders but how would I go about verifying the legitimacy of one, or would it be better if I asked her to pay through Pay Pal and see what she says to that? She didn't ask for the remaining shipping money back but asked to pay "the cost of the item plus shipping cost to Europe" and said she'd be "responsible for shipping". She claims not to know the cost of my item and doesn't mention it by name (it's just on the title of the e-mail). The other thing that I thought odd was that this woman is saying she's an agent for a client but only asked to buy one piece. I would assume somebody who had an agent would be a wholesale buyer interested in purchasing several for their store. Generally a retail buyer interested in only one piece would just make the transaction themselves. Is this request part of the same scam? Is this the same "agent" others have been approached by?

How should I respond to her? I don't want to come out and accuse her of anything, but I want to be safe about it.

Her e-mail in conversations is below;


I am an agent interested in immediate purchase of item .The item is as a supply to europe . My client has really shown interest in it and would really want to issue the payment in form of UNITED STATE POSTAL MONEY ORDER / CASHIER CHECK. Will you be accepting a MONEY ORDER / CASHIER CHECK? The MONEY ORDER that will be drawn by my client would include the cost for shipping this item to europe, this will be included on the same MONEY ORDER / CASHIER/CHECK. We shall solely be responsible for the shippment of the item.Also give me the list and prices of your item......... Please contact me asap via email for futher questions as regards this transaction. Thank You and I am expecting your response asap.

Awaiting your quick response.



Rita James.

30-12-2005 05:55 pm EST
Darnit! I got the same thing. I thought it was somewhat fishy but decided to respond back saying I will ship the product as soon as I received payment (which I always do anyway). The user was different from the one stated above. The username is

I'm not sure how Etsy can "eliminate" this type of problem but I am thinking somewhat of a waiting period or address verification for overseas buyers. But the reliable overseas buyers would thus be inconvienenced (spelling?) and we don't want that!
I just e-mailed her back and asked her to be more specific as to who her client was and where they are located in Europe. I told her that my terms are listed in my store, and that a form is provided. Then I went on to say that I do sometimes take Money Orders but that I have decided for security reasons not to for International orders but that Pay Pal would be acceptible, and that sufficient funds would need to be verified before item is shipped.

Earlier I contacted and told them that yesterday was my birthday and initially I was so happy to see an e-mail asking to buy a $265.00 item (a sale of that size would have been a wonderful birthday present), but if this isn't legit then it's a very un-funny joke, and so would they please investigate and if found to be fradulent ban this person for the good of the community.

I believe they can do that. They did it to one other woman who was bringing liability.

This item I am shipping insured because of the price and I thought it interesting that this woman seemed to be dancing around that (probably because she doesn't want it to be tracked).
Apparently she must be opening multiple accounts. I hope ETSY staff really look into this deeply and get them all rooted out.
Oh, one idea for international buyers to verify authenticity. Maybe ETSY could make a policy that such orders would need to be wire-transfered into a seller's Pay Pal account. I don't think somebody can fake that.
We each get excited when someone merely compliments our products. So when someone expresses an interest in buying, we each do a happy dance (even if only mentally). Such people love to prey on those feelings, hoping we will get so excited that we ignore that little voice in our head telling us to be wary. We each need to pay attention to that inner voice and report each of these people to Etsy immediately.

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