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I've noticed several of you have your own website as well as etsy. My hubby has done some checking around and thinks it's too expensive--What(who?) do you use, and is it worth it? How do you get people to find your site?Any advise welcome!!

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I used Yahoo site builder to create mine. I chose the least expensive package , since I am on a budget. I think it was $9.99 or something/month. It's pretty easy to use, whicj was anther big plus for me.
I use Midphase as a host. I think it was $7.95/month.
They charge you all at once for the year. I had to pay for my own
IP address, too, in order to get a private secure SSL.

Zencart is my shopping cart , and I have been happy with it. I made the mistake of using the extremely tempting and simple Site Studio web template offered by midphase when I went to
set up my site.

Then I had a hard time trying to integrate a shopping
cart, even Paypal. I had to abandon then site I created on Site Studio. It may have just been my own (significant:) lack of understanding but it's worth asking about shopping cart compatibility before you get too far into building your site. Zencart is relatively easy to use and update, and you build your store within its design.

In the end, I would say it took way less money but way more time than I thought. Way way way more time:) One question to consider might be--what can an outside website provide you that your etsy site can not? I'm sure we'd all have different answers. Hope that helps!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:42am Jan 7, 2006 EST has really cheap, relatively high bandwidth hosting plans.

I use, which was very cheap when I signed up and I'm grandfathered at their old rates. If I were to start a site now, I'd probably go with, because of the rates & the easy to navigate site. Surpass is great when you know what you're doing somewhat, but their site is so hard to navigate, the FAQ is practically useless for anything I've needed to figure out and posting on their messageboard just gets a bunch of old white male neo-con wingnuts whining that my site is "biased." (Yeah, DUH!)
i use ixwebhosting, it's great if you have a small budget. i think the best thing about this one is that even though their homepage is not necessarily designed very well, but their live chat support has been extremely helpful to me.

feel free to message me if you have questions about them.
I have build my own website and have done a few for other people. Mine is and one that I have been working on is Godaddy is good for the domain name registration which is $9.20 per year and the web hosting service I use is Thier charge for a basic site which is what I have is only $29.90 per year with no set up fees, when broken down your cost per month is only $2.49. They also have a great utility that lets you view hits to your site. And if you have a paypal business account you can make add to cart and view cart buttons for your items. So basically if you can build your own website your cost for getting started would only run $39.10. And as for how do people find your site, I use a program called cyberfetch which sends your website to search engines, classified ads, web directories, etc.
I hope this information helps.
i've been using for a few years now and have been very happy with them...their rates are good also...
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:09pm Jan 7, 2006 EST
your stuff is really really nice. a website would be a good idea for you! i use hostforweb and it is 4.95$ a month and then zencart is free.
I've had Bizhosting for two years and been very happy with them. On the plus side, they are easy to use, have a secure shopping cart, set up with ProPay, and are very reliable. On the other hand, they are $21.95/month paid yearly, or $23.95 if you pay monthly, and you have to pay for your own domain name.

It does take some time to maintain, and you have to work on showing up in the search engines which takes several months.
Totally lucky here, we've got a webserver in-house as part of another business. It's a little slower than others, but it works out just fine.

I'm a graphic designer/web designer and developer by day so building the site was no problem. To simlify things though, I may use the personal website as more of a portfolio, and direct people to etsy to buy things. It looks more professional to have your own site, but then there's far more traffic through etsy so I like having both.

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